Music is my passion and hobby for over a dozen years. I notice nuances that are practically unnoticed and slip by most people. I break down music into layers, and on each of them, I see what escapes most people, but can be quickly improved or corrected. Thanks to this, after a concert or listening to a piece of music (live music is usually more revealing), we can point out what each musician can improve on. I will suggest what is in the mind of a given musician or what is in the heart when composing or playing a particular piece of music – and how it affects the music and its reception by listeners – and, importantly, what needs to be changed to make the performed or composed pieces of music simply better.

You will also learn, among other things (depending on your needs):

  • where does inspiration come from and how to reach for it
  • how to compose better pieces of music
  • how to deal with stress, emotions, thoughts – e.g., before a concert
  • where the goosebumps come from in some pieces of music and how to achieve them
  • how to change the vibration of the voice and how it affects the reception by people
  • what are the layers of phonics that escape but are included in a given piece of music
  • why spiritual development makes it easier to succeed in the music industry
  • why some pieces of music or artists are successful, and others are not
  • how to be a better musician/composer/person

The given price is for one working hour of consultation. The consultations can be in person, online or as an assistant in a recording studio, and the date is arranged individually.