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Rzeszow, Poland
Rzeszow, Poland

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“Sometimes it’s so bad it can’t get any worse. Health problems and the accompanying pain turn existence into vegetation. That’s what happened to me, among other things. maybe an ordinary accident put Marek in my way. During the conversation, I casually mentioned back problems. He asked for a little trust and patience and permission to help. I doubtfully agreed. It couldn’t get any worse. I quickly noticed that my condition was changing “Psyche began to function differently and motor skills improved significantly. I was amazed. From Marek I learned that the physical body is not everything. Taking care of myself is not only a matter of food and physical exercise. The knowledge and experience that Marek has initiated great changes in my life. I am very grateful to him and highly recommend his services.”

Piotr G.
United Kingdom

“I recommend. I had a problem with back pain, lumbar, cervical, thoracic pain, with various types of tension, mainly in a piercing and sharp way, until I couldn’t straightening, it passed quickly and for a year and a half I do not feel any pain”


“Mark, thanks a lot for boosting my mom and helping me think. You have a lot of power, man!!! “

Marek B.

“Welcome! Elegant throat! Hackwork sung to the end without any problem:) Including Sunday. Janutek our young god :D”</p >

Justyna N.

Make your life better

better health, better paths of fate, rediscover the joy of life

Heal includes repair:
– physical body (recovery)
– energy body (including mental state improvement)
– existential body (improvement)
– spatial structures (possibility of achieving additional goals or recovering old life patterns)
– spiritual body (regaining humanity – improving relationships with people)
– superspiritual body (activating entrances into all energy and spiritual areas – astral travel, and unlocking clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairvoyance).