Set of energy nodes

Set of energy nodes


The nodes are printed on semi-matte photographic paper with a weight of 200g, printed on machines with a wide color gamut reproduction. The nodes for living water are additionally laminated with a thick laminate for durability in use. The whole set is packed in a decorative cardboard packaging.

The shipment of nodes takes place every Thursday.

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About the node for creating living water, you can read more at the link below. It works 100% both with and without charging. Personalized settings for a specific person in this case do not add anything extra.

żywa woda

Node to improve the quality of thoughts, without name charging works up to 70%, after charging up to 90-100%

myśli węzeł energetyczny

The emotion-stabilizing node works at about 30-40% without personalized charging. After personalized charging, it operates at 70-100%.

Set of energy nodes

The node facilitating self-discovery, psyche, and soul perception. Without charging, it works depending on the perfection of the human being – up to 40% / up to 70% / up to 100%; with personalized charging, it operates at 80-100%.

psychika węzeł energetyczny

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 3 cm


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