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bioenergoterapeuta rzeszów

Kate Elias

Certificated healer Rzeszów / Hypnotherapist / Clairvoyant / Medium

Katarzyna Elias – certified bioenergotherapist, clairvoyant, medium. I have been healing for 7 years. My journey with healing and spiritual development began when I got to know the methods of Zbigniew Jan Popko. I use his tips, work on astral scales and hints from them. Since I was a child, I have seen the outlines of the soul and ghosts. My specialization is the healing of the psyche (soul), I see its nature, potential and possibilities. Sometimes pain and fatigue. I can feel its vibration. I am following the path within myself, the direction that Buddha followed. With the teachings of Zbigniew Jan Popko, I learn the way up, i.e. the outer way. I came into this world with strong mediumship abilities and I can communicate with the afterlife and souls (living and dead on this planet). If you are troubled by the problems of the past, including its understanding – I invite you for a consultation. It should also be mentioned that not everyone living in the afterlife wants this contact with us, although in many cases it gives peace of mind – us living, what is happening to them and those living in the afterlife that they can communicate with us and pass something on.</ strong>

In achieving harmony, I help myself with nature, its benefits, herbs and stones, as well as prayer and meditation.

I translate dreams very well, I have been dealing with this topic for 23 years. Knowing a dream, I immediately see blockages and tiresome human problems. I discovered the meaning of the symbols that are an obstacle to reading the dream and an ongoing problem. I explain the negative outlook that leads us down the wrong path.

I also took an Astrology course. Astrology is my passion and interest. I can read the professional potential from the natal horoscope, the outline of the character and the values ​​that flow from it.

When I heal, I am very committed to what I am doing. Seeing the potential of the soul, it directs it to its track. After my action, the soul sees its possibilities, regains its strength and willingness. To better create your future. He discovers his abilities and skills. She appreciates communing with nature and openness to it, and what is important, a sense of wealth. I’ve always helped people in a positive way, which was always very well received.

Once again, I would like to thank all my clients who follow this blog and fanpage on Facebook and Instagram.

bioenergoterapeuci rzeszów

Kate & Mark

Energy Healing/ Hypnotherapy

We are getting better and our spiritual and energetic growth is increasing. We have noticed that from year to year people’s relationships are mismatched or succumb to external factors. Thanks to our activities and consultations, couples got on track or improved their relationships. To make our customers more satisfied, we have created a service dedicated to couples. As proven therapists, we will conduct consultations together, which will provide a better, more thorough picture of the situation and stronger action.

We will remove all locks and codes nested in minds. We will advise you on how to avoid factors that have a destructive effect on the relationship.

During the screening, we will introduce you to a journey into the subconscious. We will activate your potential and advise you on how to work in this relationship. At the meeting, we will analyze topics such as:

  1. Reliability
  2. Compatibility and Prognosis
  3. Jealousy
  4. Building a relationship
  5. Wishes and hypocrisy
  6. Directions of changes in feelings
  7. Missing
  8. Happiness
  9. Desires and expectations
  10. Direction of human development
  11. Relationships in communication
bioenergoterapeuta jasnowidz radiesteta rzeszów

Mark Wolan

Certificated healer Rzeszów / Hypnotherapist / Clairvoyant

My adventure in the aspect of healing began several years ago, then I noticed that I felt different points on the physical body, my hands unconsciously pulled me to the right pressure points (at that time, it was mainly acupressure methods, although I had no conscious knowledge in this field at the time), in this way I was able to quickly put people around me on their feet. When I touched a given place, I felt what problems or diseases there were. I did most of it by feel, partly unconsciously.

After some time, I sensed health problems in people around me without touching these places, and over time it came naturally to me from a distance, e.g. from a photo or voice timbre. Human health problems are my natural specialization.

With time, wanting to start consciously developing it, I browsed through a lot of different types of materials, books and movies. However, I gained the simplest and most effective techniques, methods and knowledge by learning from Zbigniew Jan Popko, for which I sincerely thank him. Then we completed the course and state exams, obtaining official qualifications as bioenergotherapists.

Currently, I combine various methods in human healing, naturally, apart from bioenergy therapy, they are also included depending on the need: hypnotherapy, supplementation, herbal medicine, bioresonance, and sometimes acupressure. Looking holistically at the body in a completely holistic way, you can remove the sources of problems that people have been struggling with for years.

By combining different methods, I have had exceptionally good results working with children with autism spectrum disorders (improvement from 48% to 90%), I also have a lot of experience working with such as: multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancer, diabetes (improvement from 58 to 99%). With diseases such as Parkinson’s, symptoms can be reduced by 40-70%, thyroid problems improve from 55 to 100%.

We train all the time – improving ourselves, our workshop or the scope of our knowledge. Life, observations, or books also bring lessons, and more importantly, spiritual journeys, meditations, and prayers. I plan to publish three books, so I strongly encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss the upcoming premieres.

I conduct healings with great effectiveness for people in Poland, Austria, Norway, Great Britain or Saudi Arabia – because the distance in my actions does not matter and it cannot be compared to a typical bioenergy therapy where distance matters. Regarding activities and consultations – children with autism “go down to earth” after a few of my actions, people with spinal problems begin to live normally, dry intervertebral pads return to their original state, life begins to fall into order, and health and desire return. neurological cases, e.g. children with moderately advanced or advanced autism, down syndrome, etc. a personal consultation is required the first time – because such people are often very difficult to reach remotely or the effect would be smaller than with a personal meeting.

What are consultations with energy healer for?2023-04-26T11:55:49+02:00

Consultations with a energy healer are for people who:

  • They are physically ill or need a diagnosis
  • Life is not going well for them
  • They try their best in a relationship but don’t know if it’s worth it
  • They have business ideas, but they don’t know if it’s worth it
  • They face important life decisions, but they don’t know if it’s the right direction
  • They feel they have strayed off their path in life and don’t feel like themselves and/or feel restricted
  • They feel possessed
  • They have thousands of thoughts and their mind sits down
  • They feel entities, souls, or beings in their environment
  • They feel limited, e.g. by curses, curses, projections, other people’s visions, etc.
What is the scope of healing provided by energy healer?2023-04-26T11:57:12+02:00

The scope of one action of energy healing includes:

  • physical body (health improvement)
  • energy body (including mental improvement)
  • remove light to medium possessions (for stronger possessions or haunts, several heals will be needed)< /li>
  • existential body (improvement)
  • spatial structures (possibility of achieving additional goals or recovering old life patterns)
  • spiritual body (regaining humanity – improving relationships with people)
  • supraspiritual body (activating entrances to all energy and spiritual areas – astral travel, and unlocking clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairvoyance ).
Disease diagnosis2023-04-26T11:56:20+02:00

The correct diagnosis of the disease is crucial for any treatment. Are you treating your spine, and the problem comes from your kidneys?

There are many cases like this one. A good diagnosis of the disease allows you to treat the source of the problem, not the symptoms. Many times people treat a symptom while the problem has never been completely removed and the problem keeps coming back. It should be remembered that most diseases have an energetic background (80% of cases) – i.e. they come from the functioning of thoughts, emotions, psyche, etc. Especially in cancer cases – these are often unresolved topics in the psyche, people heal for years, the problem disappears 2 years and then there is a relapse – precisely because of treating the symptom, not treating the problem.

Energy healer – who is he/she?2023-04-26T11:54:15+02:00

Everyone can become a bioenergy therapist. The difference lies in the potential produced by a given energy healer. Even a mother who cares for her child, cuddles it, transfers some of her energy to it – this is already energy healing – it comes from biology. Everything material, on the other hand, was formed earlier in the higher bands. The purer our intentions are and we work on ourselves to be better people – our potential grows. This potential is the greater the healer is better as a human – simply. In a way, the physical body is only one of our bodies, perfecting the other bodies is a different story – here you need to have a clean open mind, unblocked clairvoyance, clairvoyance, etc. Then you can better see the whole human being, ominous projections, curses, hauntings and everything that immaterial, and man is about 95% immaterial, on the physical plane we see only a scrap, which is the densest form. Most people are born with limitations, but you can delete them and start building a new you and your new future, although it is not very complicated, it requires many years of work on yourself, and in the end you need to pass several state exams, have knowledge of human anatomy, basic knowledge of Chinese medicine and many other things.

Due to the fact that people who are not fully versed in this subject, a lot of myths and nonsense have accumulated at that time. In the case of energy healing, there are actually many traps and dangers and people cannot cleanse themselves after treatments, they cannot cleanse people, and what is worse, by not knowing the subject, you can harm yourself, which is why it happens that a energy healer helped in 40% but harmed in 60% %. That is why it is very important to work on yourself, on the purity of thoughts, emotions, intentions, being in higher vibrations, so that people who come for help get the greatest possible positive potential for changes in their lives and a better tomorrow, better life paths, etc.

How looks like consultations with a energy healer / clairvoyant ?2023-04-26T11:52:03+02:00

Consultations with a bioenergotherapist look different than most imagine. Depending on whether they are personal or telephone, they have their common characteristics. During the consultation, a person is diagnosed multidimensionally. From physical health, through the functioning of the mind or psyche, to the paths of fate. The consultation also includes readings in the field of clairvoyance, you can ask, for example, what would be beneficial for a given person, in terms of a partnership or business relationship, in terms of business goals or health aspect. In some cases, we insert bioresonance readings and discuss the requirements for future supplementation (only with a personal consultation on site). In selected cases, we work through problems hidden in the subconscious. At the end, an individual action is launched for a given person. The entire consultation, including the action, usually does not exceed 60 minutes.

Telephone consultations: at a given time we call the given telephone number or talk through a selected messenger.
Personal consultations: at a given time we meet at the location provided by the healer.

How does distant healing work?2023-04-26T11:48:40+02:00

Distance healing works as follows: in our store, we offer a energy healing service at a distance. In the product, we choose the day when the action is to be activated, and on that day, usually in the evening around 8 pm, we start the cleaning, healing, and aligning action, although the aspect of action is much broader. Then we write a message that the action has been activated, and if we saw specific abnormalities, we usually write what they were, and at the same time, we ask for feedback on what changes have occurred. Of course, there are cases where we work with people in the long term because we cannot cure cancer with one action – the more challenging the issues, the longer the healing process usually takes, and many healing actions are needed. Sometimes people do not change, do not work on themselves to be better, and quickly lose their energy surplus, then the healing process slows down or stops completely, and more healing actions are needed. In some cases, especially when the problem is strongly rooted in biology, we cannot help much, although in many different cases, we can really do a lot.

What physical symptoms can occur after healing?2023-04-26T11:47:09+02:00

Physical symptoms after healing depend on the specific action, the person and his sensitivity as well as his ailments and many other factors. Below is a list of the most common physical symptoms after energy healing (distance or personal):

In progress:

  • sensation of heat or cold in different parts of the body
  • sensation of currents flowing in different parts of the body
  • tingles
  • pressures in different parts of the head
  • energetic boost and more strength
  • drowsiness

After action:

  • relief, lightness, clarity of thinking
  • inner peace, harmony, bliss
  • dry mouth, increased need for fluids or food
  • change of attitude, change of behavior, different view of reality
  • above normative humor
  • runny nose, diarrhea, headache, seizures, fever
  • physical vomiting or retching
  • local pain – e.g. when changing the human posture internally, there is a change in external posture and spinal pain may occur
  • fatigue, weakness
  • willingness to change, e.g. cleaning the apartment
Energy healing and faith2023-04-26T11:46:12+02:00

Bioenergy therapy and Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, or any other religion have their limitations. A person should be free, not limited in any way. Much is said about free will, but it does not exist in religions. Much is said, for example, about not killing, yet most wars have a religious background. This is nothing more than a simple manipulation of people, God would never allow his children to kill each other.

Bio – it’s us, our finger, our hands or body, and energy is everything – thought is energy, work is energy (we have to put effort to do it), money is energy (it’s equivalent to the work needed to earn money), everything is made of energy. As you can probably guess, these thoughts, energies, and everything can be negative or positive, so some truth can be found in various articles on this topic. However, most of it is just repeated information without practical experience – someone said it, but there’s no practical proof. Each case should be considered individually.

Energy healing can be sometimes a controversial topic – how much can it be effective? However, it is easy to verify their efficacy by evaluating one’s own well-being and relationships after undergoing treatment. If one experiences a decline in their mood, relationships, or business, then it may be indicative of negative effects from the treatment. On the other hand, if there are no negative effects, then it may be a sign of quality treatment. Ultimately, the opinions of others who have undergone the treatment and recommend it are the most important factor to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of energy healing.

Distant energy healing – is it possible?2023-04-26T11:41:31+02:00

Distance energy healing has been successfully practiced for many years – the power of healing at a distance is practically identical to that of in-person healing.

In the case of energetic or spiritual spaces, space and distance are not of great importance, which is why distance healing therapy is practically as effective as in-person physical meetings. In personal meetings, we rarely physically touch people – we can somewhat more easily affect a specific part of the body and transfer additional energy from the physical plane, and some changes can occur a little faster. However, standard healing action from the energetic / spiritual plane works just as well in personal consultations as it does at a distance.

In the case of the physical space – we cannot physically press or touch the body at a distance – nonetheless, the human body consists of many layers. The physical body is only a fraction of your whole being. The brighter and more open the mind, the higher it reaches – and the higher it reaches, the higher it touches. Bodies are coupled with each other – meaning that by acting on the energetic body > the energetic body affects the physical body. By acting on the spiritual body > the spiritual body affects the energetic body, which in turn affects the physical body. This is how it looks in great simplification.

Medium – who is it and who can be a medium?2023-04-26T11:38:32+02:00

A strong medium is usually born with their abilities. A medium is a person with exceptional skills in communicating with spirits and the afterlife. To some extent, one can partially develop mediumship abilities and have them (smaller or larger), but the stronger the medium from birth, the better. A strong medium sees the other world more clearly and will more accurately convey information from the afterlife.

Dowsing, dowser – what is it and who is it?2023-04-26T11:39:38+02:00

A dowser is a person with exceptional dowsing abilities, which involves sensing energy in space, such as water veins, which can affect the sleep and function of living organisms (except cats, which often love such veins). Usually, dowsers use rods or pendulums, but dowsers with exceptional dowsing abilities can feel and see them without the need for additional tools. Dowsing is a profession that involves, among other things, arranging objects in space (including beds) in the best possible way so that occupants feel more comfortable while sleeping and better during the day. In addition to radiation from veins, it is also possible to sense radiation from objects and the entire environment, and changes in this regard can have a very positive impact on one’s psyche and daily functioning. Do you need this service? Click here

Hypnotherapy – what exactly is it?2023-04-26T11:37:39+02:00

Hypnotherapy is a journey into oneself that allows us to change the conditioning scenes that affect us. By reaching into the subconscious and unconscious regions, we can change ourselves permanently, removing all kinds of phobias, nervous tics, incorrect perception of the world, or improper ways of being. It is commonly believed that a hypnotherapist can work mainly with emotions, and this is partly true. There are ten subconscious layers, and most people end their journey at layer 2, with each layer offering more opportunities for change. Through years of practice, we are able to delve deeper, even to layer 8, and sometimes 9, so that we can achieve much more in one such session.

Bioenergotherapy – treatment effects / opinions

I heartily recommend Mr. Marek, who helped me regain my vitality and not only with the disease related to non-specific ulcerative colitis. Thanks to his help, I have recovered enough to function freely. Thank you very much for your time and help, thanks to which I can live my life to the fullest. Regards :)
Paweł L. / Krosno
The therapy helped my mother in a severe Covid condition (ICU). I didn’t know what to do anymore, helplessness meant that I was looking for every option of help, finding bioenergotherapy. Doctors were in shock what started to happen to her on the day and the day after bioenergotherapy. She cleared everything from her lungs, saturation returned to normal, within 4 days she went home. After leaving, I repeated the healing, the intestines were cleansed this time and I feel like a newborn. Next time I will benefit myself … because the doctors themselves described it as a miracle …
Kamila W. / Łódź
I applied for help to Mr. Marek in a rather severe mental state; I went to many bioenergotherapists, but there were no results. Going to the consultation, I had no hope of improving my condition, but I forced myself and went for a visit. I will not describe how severe my condition was (just mention 2 suicide attempts), I will only describe that Mr. Marek saved my life and brought me back to functioning, I want to live again; depression disappeared; I feel happy every day. For me, he is an exceptional therapist, full of great knowledge, kindness and empathy. Depression is an insidious disease; my psychiatrist said that I am in good mental condition and can go off the medication. Thank you again and I will recommend Mr. Mark’s services to everyone.
Magdalena K. / Rzeszów
Good morning Mrs Kasia,

According to the conversation after Friday’s visit on October 1, I will describe my feelings :)
After leaving you, I was quite dazed in a positive way, which I guess you could see.
I felt a lot of relaxation and inner peace. I had the impression that my hands felt “velvety” and felt more.
I slept soundly last night. The next morning I woke up feeling like I had the flu but no temperature. Quite strong weakness, face as if puffy, large size so-called. bags under the eyes, hoarse voice and a big headache.
I slept until about 1pm with breaks to drink warm water with ginger and lemon.
I’ll note that I’m more of a “morning person” and don’t tend to sleep long :)
After 13 I went for a walk closer to nature. Slowly I started to gather strength and around the evening I felt better. The next day I felt much better, but I also gave myself time and basically spent most of the day warming up in the sun in the garden :)
I’ve also noticed a greater sensitivity to sounds.
Within a week, the energy returned, maybe even with excess :)
I’ve generally stopped feeling that unbearable feeling of “overwhelm, anxiety, fear”
During the session you noticed that I was a so-called “puppet” and that was very accurate.
Unfortunately, there are people around me who have influenced me greatly over the years.
It always seemed to me that I had a so-called strong character, but I deeply felt neglected with my needs as an adult woman. I had the impression that for the family I was still 5-year-old Zuzia. The 5-year therapy helped me to slowly set boundaries, but something “blocked” me all the time. I wasn’t able to get rid of it, hence my visit to you :)
Professional matters were still entangled somewhere, mixed up etc… When something started to fall into place, it didn’t come to fruition anyway. Which made me even more overwhelmed.
Over the last week, professional matters that were in progress have come to fruition :) Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe part of the process ;)
I personally hope that this positive process will continue. My only concern is that some people from my family who are not entirely favorable to me will continue to “interfere” but I will slowly learn to bounce back from this :)
Thanks again and best regards
Zuzanna K. / Rzeszów
If you are wondering if a bioenergotherapist is a good idea, all I can say is – don’t think, just act. Thanks to Mr. Marek, I feel great, all internal anxiety, stress, bad emotions have passed after the first session. I feel great mentally and physically. Marek also healed my daughter with autism. After 3 weeks, communication increased, he goes out of his world more often. And I got my first “I love you mom”. It’s hard to find a good bioenergotherapist, we were lucky to find an excellent one. Thank you Mr Marek, see you soon!!
Dominika D. / Rzeszów
“Sometimes it’s so bad that it can’t get any worse. Health problems and the accompanying pain turn existence into vegetation. That’s how it was with me, among others. A twist of fate or maybe a simple accident put Marek on my path. During the conversation casually I mentioned problems with my back. He asked for a little trust and patience and permission to help. I dubiously agreed. It couldn’t get any worse. I quickly noticed that my condition was changing. My psyche began to function differently and my motor skills improved significantly. I was amazed. From Marek I learned that the physical body is not everything. Taking care of myself is not only a matter of food and physical movement. The knowledge and experience that Marek has have initiated great changes in my life. I am very grateful to him and I sincerely recommend his services.”</em >
Piotr G. / Wielka Brytania
If you need support, you’ve come to the right place. I got professional help quickly. I highly recommend!
Łukasz C. / Łańcut
“I recommend. I had a problem with back pain, lumbar, cervical, thoracic pain, with various types of tension, mainly in a stabbing and sharp way, until I was unable to straighten, it passed quickly and I have been pain free for a year and a half”
Asia / Warszawa

“Mark, thanks a lot for recharging my mum and helping me think. You have great power boy!!! “

Marek B. / Kraków

“Hello! Throat elegantly! Hałtura sung to the end without any problem :) Including Sunday. Our Janutek is like a young god :D”

Justyna N. / Krosno


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