Clairvoyant – clairvoyant readings

Seemingly two similar paths lead to completely different realities – one bright, the other dark.

Every day we make different decisions, sometimes better, sometimes worse, and each one leads us to a different reality. We learn from our mistakes, which enables us to make better decisions in similar situations. However, sometimes these decisions come at a cost – wasted time, wasted money, unnecessary stress. Instead of developing, growing, and moving forward, we fall into traps that keep us stuck or even push us backward.

We offer clairvoyant readings from a clear mirror of reality, so that you can enjoy a better life and better paths will lead you to a new, better future.

As part of this product purchase, you can get answers to two complex and difficult questions that require more time, as well as a broader picture of the answers and more hints.

Alternatively, you can ask a maximum of 6 yes/no/percentage questions (0-100%, e.g. percentage benefit, compatibility in a relationship, partner’s reliability).

If you have more questions, we invite you to a phone consultation or to purchase more of this product.

Questions can be asked about:

  • relationships – personal or business
  • what is the reliability of a partner towards us?
  • what are the person’s masks towards us/people?
  • what is the person like towards people or towards us?
  • what is the person’s IQ?
  • does someone love/like/respect/hate/plan to harm us?
  • what is the overall compatibility of the relationship (or in detail for some aspect, e.g. family, sexual, life, material, spiritual, energetic, or prospects)?
  • is there anything negative hanging over a person? e.g. curses, possessions, etc.
  • the benefit of buying a product/service/property
  • the benefit of employing a particular employee or entering into a particular personal or professional relationship
  • elimination of employees acting to the detriment of the company or partnership
  • help in choosing an employee/partner, etc.
  • help in choosing a life path/school/work, etc.
  • help in choosing a home/apartment/office/car, etc.
  • questions about time, e.g. when something will happen, approximate length of life, when to do or buy something
  • questions about health, e.g. what is the percentage of damage to a particular organ?
  • what percentage of clairvoyance/clairsentience/claircognizance/clairalience/clairaudience is awakened?
  • what to work on/think about/what to change about oneself?

Readings are carried out within 7 days.