Personality behavioral profile

Personality behavioral profile


Internal behavioral profile of personality

Just like people, there are many personalities out there. Do you need to hire someone but you’re not sure if they’re a good fit? Do you need to construct questions for an important legal matter?

Are you looking for a partner but you’re not sure what to expect? The questions can go on, but a simplified behavioral profile of a person’s personality can help you make the right decisions.

By purchasing this product, you will receive an internal conservative profile of a person’s personality, consisting of information such as:

  • self-acceptance/self-love
  • loving other people
  • understanding self-forgiveness
  • understanding forgiveness of others
  • desire for power (need to rule, be right, subjugate people)
  • desire for authority (self-aggrandizement)
  • level of intelligence (backward, average, above-average, outstanding)
  • emotional stability (stable, unstable, explosive)
  • psychological stability (including states of depression and coping with one’s own life)
  • forms of moral attack (indifference, hostility, deception)
  • positive or negative influence on others and the environment
  • individual description of developed patterns (if relevant for interpretation)
  • laziness/hard work, as well as intentions and willingness to work
  • development and willingness for further personal growth
  • masks and illusions (creating a different image of oneself than reality)
  • distance from people (if applicable)
  • deception/honesty towards people
  • other characteristic traits (if relevant)
  • First name and last name

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Behavioral personality profile for Marilyn Monroe:

  • Self-love – 50%
  • Love for others – 70%
  • Forgiveness of self and others – not understood, up to 20%
  • Imposing illusions – 10%
  • Communication with other people – acceptance
  • Desire for power – 60%
  • Desire for authority – 80%
  • Lived almost entirely in subordination to others – 90%, Law of choice – only 10%
  • Born with a good person record – 30%, died as a better person with a good person record – 40%
  • Her mental state was declining for most of her life
  • Care and empathy – did not exist, based solely on internal emotions
  • Showed creative aspect in the development scale
  • Intelligence above average
  • She was usually positive about life
  • She did not wear masks – she was honest
  • Emotions were sometimes logical and sometimes emotional – confusion
  • She had an elementary influence on people’s fate, and she succeeded in achieving it
  • She was able to maintain energy in her surroundings
  • She never truly loved – she never experienced such feelings in her life.

As a teenager, she was full of anger and anger – which caused her to cut herself off from her past that shaped her instead of transforming it, and eventually created an unrealistic, illusory image of herself, understanding that it would bring her material benefits, gradually losing and losing herself.

She willingly pretended to be a sweet blonde, even though it was not an innate trait. She could love on the screen, but on her life path – it was not her way.

At the beginning of her career, she was full of grace, passion, but also moments of confusion and loss. She wanted to keep going crazy, having fun, seducing, playing with emotions – to achieve her predetermined internal goals.

She wanted to be admired and adored, even though she did not fully accept herself. She felt that she had the world at her feet – which caused her even greater internal confusion – but she could not understand or bear it.


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