Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams


Individual interpretation of dreams and a message from above. For you from Kate, who has been helping in their translation for a long time. Dreams are letters from God that are signposts, often overlooked for development, which cannot be ignored. Thanks to dreams, we can connect with our primal self. It’s a path to consciousness and a better life. A dream is a projection of inner energies, and its value can be deciphered by delving into the symbolic language used by the unconscious.

Not all dreams need to be interpreted, but we can try to understand them all. An important role in this case is played by the ability to distinguish whether they are literal, processing experiences, or perhaps communicating something. Before we start interpreting the dream, let’s think about whether the dream is symbolic, whether its memory comes back to us after waking up, or whether we woke up in the middle of the night remembering it – and finally, whether it was multifaceted, interesting, elaborate, or somehow intriguing, and whether we want to understand its meaning. If we answer yes to any of the above questions, it’s worth interpreting it.

To perform an individual interpretation of a dream, you need to include a description that should contain as many details as possible, such as: a description of the situation, shapes, size, and colors contained in them, emotions that were experienced. Plus, a brief description of yourself.


Not everyone has innate predispositions to various types of dreams, but this ability can be improved by improving the quality of sleep and arousing interest in inner life – similarly, the ability to remember dreams can be practiced.


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