Energetics of space

Space energy is our specialization to which we have devoted a lot of time. We sense hidden intentions in objects, spaces, water veins, hauntings, entities, ghosts, souls, or beings. By purchasing this product, you order a personal audit of the given space, during which we will suggest what is wrong, what needs to be changed, removed, or rearranged – to live or sleep better. If the space requires the removal of souls, entities, beings, or hauntings – it will be done.

At the same time, during each visit, we also measure the amount of electromagnetic waves – the so-called electromagnetic smog.

We have often heard that these small changes caused people to sleep better or function differently on a daily basis because the space in which we operate is connected to humans, and if the space “gets sick,” the human very often does too. Everything that surrounds us is alive and permeates us, which is why often apartments that were previously inhabited by melancholy people, politicians, or just people in general, require a lot of work so that we feel good in them – as we would in our own home. Sometimes we just get used to what surrounds us so much that we don’t even think about changing anything.

We can also realize the service of searching for boreholes for deep wells, although our specialization is much more difficult – space energy.

The price includes a trip up to 30km from the center of Rzeszów, and above this distance, it is charged at a rate of 1zł/1km both ways.

To make a reservation, select the type of space, choose the date and time that suits you. If the address requiring the audit is different from the payer’s, you can enter it in the comments when placing your order.

Then, in the cart, you can pay for the service online or choose to pay on-site.
Reservations are also accepted by phone and email.