Healer / Clairvoyant / Medium

Healer / Clairvoyant / Medium


Consultations with a energy healer / hypnotherapist are for people who:

  • Are physically ill or need a disease diagnosis
  • Struggle in life
  • Try in a relationship but don’t know if it’s worth it
  • Have business ideas but don’t know if they’re worth pursuing
  • Face important life decisions but don’t know if it’s the right direction
  • Feel they have strayed from their life path and don’t feel like themselves and/or feel limited
  • Feel possessed
  • Have thousands of thoughts and their psyche is overwhelmed
  • Sense entities, souls, or beings in their surroundings
  • Feel limited, for example, by curses, maledictions, projections, other people’s visions, etc.

Consultations look different than most people imagine. Depending on whether they are personal or over the phone, they have their common features. During the consultation, the person is diagnosed multidimensionally, from physical health to the functioning of the mind and psyche, and even life paths. The consultation also includes clairvoyance readings, where one can ask, for example, what would be beneficial for a person in terms of relationships, business, or health. In some cases, we incorporate bioresonance readings and discuss the requirements for future supplementation (only during in-person consultations). In selected cases, we work through problems hidden in the subconscious. At the end, an individual action is activated for the person. The entire consultation, including the action, usually takes about 60 minutes.

Often during the consultation, to work through a specific issue, hypnotherapy or guided meditation is required – it is a form of inner journey that allows us to change the scenes conditioning us. By reaching the subconscious and unconscious regions, one can permanently change oneself without any obstacles, removing all phobias, nervous tics, improper perception of the world, or incorrect ways of being. It is commonly believed that a hypnotherapist mainly works with emotions, and this is partly true. There are 10 layers of the subconscious, and most people end their journey on layer 2, but with each layer, there are more possibilities for change. Thanks to years of practice, we manage to go deeper, even down to layers 8 or 9, allowing us to accomplish much more in a single session.

Phone consultations: On a specific day and time, we call the provided phone number or use a chosen messenger app – usually WhatsApp.
In-person consultations: On a specific day and time, we meet at the location – Rzeszów, ul. Żywiczna 16b/3b

To book, choose the type of consultation, optionally the number of additional people to be included in the action (one is always included, additional people are optional), and then choose the date and time that suits you. Next, in the cart, you can pay for the service online or choose to pay on-site for in-person consultations. The chosen time may be subject to change, in which case we will call you in advance to arrange the exact date or time individually.

Reservations are also accepted by phone and via email.

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The scope of operation of one healing by a energy healer includes the correction of:

  • physical body  (health improvement)
  • energy body  (including mental improvement)
  • remove light to medium possessions (for stronger possessions or haunts, several heals may be necessary)
  • existential body  (improvement)
  • spatial structures  (possibility of achieving additional goals or recovering old life patterns)
  • spiritual body  (regaining humanity – improving relationships with people)
  • supraspiritual body  (activating entrances into all energy and spiritual areas – astral travel, and unlocking clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairvoyance).

Katarzyna Elias – certified bioenergy therapist, clairvoyant, medium. I have been involved in healing for 7 years. My journey with healing and spiritual development began when I learned about the methods of Zbigniew Jan Popko. I use his guidance, work on astral scales, and receive guidance from them. Since childhood, I have seen the outlines of the soul and spirits. My specialty is healing the psyche (soul), I see its nature, potential, and possibilities. Sometimes pain and fatigue. I feel its vibration. I am going the path inside myself, the direction in which Buddha followed. With the teachings of Zbigniew Jan Popko, I am learning the path upward, which is external. I came to this world with strong mediumistic abilities and can communicate with the afterlife and souls (both living and deceased on this planet). If you are troubled by problems of the past, including understanding it – I invite you for a consultation. It should also be noted that not everyone living in the afterlife wants this contact with us, although in many cases, it gives peace – to us living, what happens to them, and to those living in the afterlife, that they can communicate with us and convey something.

In achieving harmony, I help myself with nature, its benefits, herbs, and stones, as well as prayer and meditation.

I translate dreams very well, I have been dealing with this topic for 23 years. Knowing the dream, I immediately see blockages and human problems that are exhausting. I discovered the meaning of symbols that hinder the interpretation of the dream and the ongoing problem. I explain the negative view that leads us down the wrong path.

I have also completed a course in astrology. Astrology is my passion and interest. I can read professional potential, character outline, and the values that come from it from the natal horoscope.

When I heal, I am very committed to what I do. Seeing the soul’s potential, I direct it to its path. After my action, the soul sees its possibilities, regains strength and desires. To better create their future. It discovers its abilities and skills. It appreciates being in nature and being open to it, and, importantly, the sense of abundance. I have always helped people in a positive way, which has always been very well received.

Once again, I would like to thank all my clients who follow this blog, Facebook fan page, or Instagram.


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