Forgiveness is very important. Through forgiving, we become lighter; after forgiving, we feel relief – the burden associated with past grievances falls off us. These burdens can even reach back to previous incarnations.
For example, in a woman – man relationship, in a previous life, the woman had a lover, in this life the man, even unconsciously, will pull in situations or people so that the woman is in the reverse situation, to see the same aspect from two sides. This is quite an extreme example because to see it you really need to see the past lives and situations associated with them, to see such a situation and forgive the partner in the previous life. Then the strictly karmic situation in the current life will dissolve and cease to exist. The situation was not forgiven in the previous life, so in this one it would have to be repeated, worked through and then forgiven. The circle always closes the cycle – and the cycle does not have to close within one life.

There is no good or bad

We must remember that there is neither good nor bad – there are only experiences. We are here to learn, appreciate, and derive joy from the learning we experience, even though we sometimes don’t understand the situations we’re facing, and they seemingly appear bad. We need to know that everything we experience is not against us – it is for us. And in every seemingly bad situation (which is just our point of view) we need to see the beauty of the ideal, through which we evolve.

Angels / unpleasant people

Whether someone is bad or not is usually determined by our own internal evaluation. If we understand that people who have caused us the most suffering in our life – in fact have provided us with the most learning, we will begin to perceive these people through the prism of angels, thanks to whom we could evolve.
If we did not understand a given situation – evolution did not move forward, so the lesson will repeat itself in this or the next life. The Universe always seeks balance. What you sow is what you reap.

So, dear reader, look for any recurring situations in your life. If certain situations keep appearing – it’s a sign that you haven’t drawn conclusions from this situation, you haven’t understood the lesson and until you understand it, this particular lesson will repeat itself.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend Colin Tipping’s book – Radical Forgiveness. It is relatively easy and lightly written and can be absorbed in one day. There is also a second part – Radical Self-Forgiveness, which is an extension of the first one, the book is already more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s worth reading them because just reading them is already a process and at the same time an understanding of what forgiveness is.

Without loving ourselves we will not understand forgiving ourselves, without loving others we will not understand forgiving others – that’s why it is crucial to first work on these two aspects in ourselves – then these books will give you much more.

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