It is important for us to understand what emotions are. Emotions are one of our bodies, and emotions want to live.

Emotions don’t care whether we are happy or depressed (even though it is one of our bodies), they just want to live, and they don’t care what emotions we feed them with, they just want to express themselves.

Sometimes, engaging in negative emotions leads to self-destructive states that anchor so strongly in the long run that we perceive them as a constant hologram display – we get used to the state in which we are and consider it a natural state of BEING. (just like a cow born in a pen doesn’t feel the problem of living in a pen, it feels it as a normal environment)

Emotions are usually multicolored energy, produced by our first energy body. This basic body is the so-called Generator. It looks like vertically arranged funnels on the body. They absorb energy, and what is absorbed and sent out depends on the entire being’s experience. This energy is exchangeable – also informational. Our mood affects the aura, which is variable. Sensitives can see it, but it is not spiritual, nor does it have anything to do with spiritual matters.

This body can be called emotional or chakra body, and developing these bodies and achieving harmony in them is possible only when other bodies achieve harmony. They cannot be closed or controlled. This spiritual body influences the development of these funnels. Playing in the lowest dimension can only harm people energetically. Learning through the exchange of this energy is an inseparable element of human development. The emotional body needs this energy to generate its energy and learn about itself. When we are charged with bad energies that cause us to feel fear or anxiety, it becomes destructive for us. It is a bad interpretation and filtration of living organisms.

Our emotional body has no logic or reason in choosing these energies; the body wants to feed and live. We can feel fear during a fire and trigger bad emotions or feel good fear during bungee jumping or other emotional sports; it all depends on us – which direction we choose and how we feed ourselves. Souls have their own specific color for self-development, and there is no one exceptional color that is better. Everyone has their own development, just as every child has their own stage of development. Sometimes, we fall into bad energetic habits, and the body is hungry and pushes us in the wrong moral direction.

A conflict between the bodies begins, leading to opposite effects on self-development. Destruction begins. However, the basic body gives us the vitality, and without it, everything can be mediocre. Thanks to emotions, we can gain strength or motivation for action or artistic projects. Emotional control can be influenced when the body is fed. That is why it is important to have basic needs met. It is worse for people when they are in the red because they crave strong experiences and high adrenaline.

What can we do to harmonize and feed our body? Old patterns have conditioned our generator. We need to reprogram it like a computer with new energies that will not have a destructive effect on us.

The prepared energy node presents us with symbols aimed at aligning our receptors and brain waves on the correct track. Looking at this graphic causes the improper and unwanted receptors already written in our brain to slow down, which evoke unwanted emotions and events from previous moments in life. It improves the state in which we are at the moment. This image reaches the visual cortex, where it is further processed and memorized in our subconscious, conditioning our further perception and viewing.

This image is taken from higher dimensions, looking at this image (energy node) affects the suppression of unnecessary emotional states that affect our emotional state. We will become gentler in our feelings. Unfavorable emotional states will be cushioned and expelled. We will feel relieved and our breathing will become deeper. Our cells will be more oxygenated, and ultimately, intelligence will increase and harmony with the environment. To activate this process, we place ourselves in the right lower corner, in the golden child, in our imagination, and when we are in it, we move towards the center of the image where there is a crystal spiritual heart. There is also a reverse path – we direct the crystal heart to the right lower corner – to ourselves, lower.

The node must be in A3 format, it does not work in A4 format. However, it partially works on another of our shells – our needs.

This node helps remove most of the imposed illusions.

The knot is prepared for A3 format.

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