What is living water?

It is assumed that there is living water as well as dead water. Living water is considered to be that which, when frozen, has a minimum of 50% of its hexagonal shape fully maintained, i.e. the water sample is frozen and if the hexagonal crystals in the sample are at least 50%, such water is considered to be alive.

Most of the water that surrounds us is dead water (tap water has 5% of its proper structure), and it is well known that water is life. Good quality water is also responsible for one of the most important functions for the human body, preventing errors during DNA replication, which is a common cause of cancer.

Studies have also been conducted on certain sea urchins – their average lifespan is around 50 years, but there was a region where sea urchins lived to 120 years, and this was only due to the difference in water quality. That’s why there are various structurizers on the market that work to a certain extent. However, energized water from above will work much differently, as it not only affects the physical body of a person, but also their other bodies – energy bodies (and energy bodies then influence the physical body).

Ways to use living water

We eat to provide energy to the body, taking pure energy, also in the form of energized water, we fuel all processes in the body with pure energy. This water supports all healing processes, helps with headaches, strongly supports during treatment, flowers on this water develop significantly better – there are dozens of ways to use it.

How to make living water?

The energy node prepared by us should be downloaded from this link, then it should be printed in color, in A4 format (black and white version also works, but it is weaker by about 25%) and it is best to laminate it due to contact with liquid. It works automatically, i.e. we put e.g. 2 bottles of water on the printed node and after about 30 minutes the water is charged. Do not put more than 2-3 liters of water at a time. It changes the energy structure of all liquids, some medicines and alcohols by improving their structure, which will be placed on this energy node. It also charges / energizes metal objects such as jewelry.

During distance healing, the water is also charged, water charged during healing is significantly stronger – for this purpose, before 8 p.m., leave 1 bottle of 1.5L on the printed energy node and leave it until morning. The next day, the water is fully charged and ready. Max 1.5 liters of water (once a day), e.g. 3×0.5L or 1×1.5L, in the case of placing a larger amount of water on the energy node, it may not work at all.

Do not heat water after charging.

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