Pra-Mother – The Highest Energy of the Universe – Eve

Resident of Eden, the fruit of which we can taste here on earth. She is the female energy giving birth to life, allowing us to experience care and with it gratitude and wealth on earth from the father. It brings us fertility on earth and with it we receive a spiritual heart, greater awareness.

She is a higher vibration: like love or loving – because she gives birth – she is the creator of life – she gives birth to man. She has a filter that cleanses and protects, and most importantly takes care of us without expectations. She is a treasure trove of wisdom, a delicate flower.

Thanks to her high vibration, we can experience our higher self.

Eve did not die by eating the apple – she became a memory of the path leading to Paradise. Eden is in her and through her we can awaken consciousness and return to our home.

Eve is mother – otherwise Gaia, Yin energy.

She surrounds us in nature and also in everyday life. However, there is less and less of her. Nature is dying, along with female energy.

We humans have less and less of this female energy. We more often choose male energy – Yang Adam, but it was Adam in Paradise who felt lonely. Instead of care, we choose to fight, we work hard without seeing the light in our soul. Thanks to Eve, Adam saw the light in himself.

Care became sacrifice, duty for us. We cannot see selfless care with love. We treat it as a task to pay.

Women have become symbols of ridicule and struggle for a place in line on the utopian pyramid. Underestimating this energy causes the withdrawal of spiritual consciousness. Adam’s eyes are closed and humanity felt emptiness. Self-destructive people live in the illusion of lies, seeking hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope is the mother of illusion, which does not allow one to die and come to their senses. Every religion destroys this energy, placing women behind men, destroying the entire harmony. This causes people to believe that fighting for existence is the most important, and nature is left behind like a woman. The environment is dying, along with spirituality. There is an increase in infertility among women and increasingly frequent energetic abnormalities of fetuses, along with energetic diseases such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy.

Women have forgotten how to be a real woman. In today’s world, this is almost impossible. Defense movements have arisen that resemble a fight more than the delicacy and wisdom of women. Man becomes empty – not seeing his light, looking for it in the world, making himself a fake image. Angels like other spiritual symbols are caricatures, not truth. Without a filter, we eat everything the media feeds us and we become waste – fertilizer for those who feed on it.

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