It seems that you are discussing the topic of spiritism and communicating with spirits. Many people associate seances with danger due to negative depictions in movies and other media, but it is important to understand that only a few individuals have access to the spirit world and can communicate with spirits safely. Spirits are our personality memory, which lives strongly in the material earthly world and may not understand or even know that they have passed away. They may be stuck in a loop, and some are strong and want to remain on Earth to help, feel a family bond, or even a generational one. They may be plagued by curses or other earthly problems during life, unable to return to the source, seeking and wandering around the Earth. It is important to understand that a spirit and a soul are different.

A spirit needs to connect with the soul, which is in higher energies. The spirit suffers and wanders until it reaches the source. When ancestral spirits are behind us, it is a sign to break the generational cycle that ties us to curses or other energetic problems. Spirits are with us to help us and at the same time, feel the same help. They are in similar energetic bonds. Experiencing states of sadness, anger, despair, and life problems attract spirits like a magnet. Spirits want to be freed from similar states and bond with humans for the purpose of understanding and breaking the loop.

The world of the dead is divided into stages of the journey in which we must reach the appropriate level. On Earth, we may feel helpful spirits who sometimes do not go to the source because of other spirits who are stuck lower and strongly experience their loop. The film “The Others” or “The Sixth Sense” is a very good depiction of spirits.

The last level is the so-called Waiting Room, where we regain lost records and get rid of karmic chains. Sometimes it is not enough to send a spirit to the Waiting Room because spirits return due to their love for other spirits who are stuck in the loop and darkness.


If you feel the presence of a deceased loved one and life is not going the way you want, it is a sign that there are other reasons why the ancestral spirit is with you. We can take action and look for the problem that is troubling other spirits. These may be personal relationship problems that you shared with the deceased loved one, and you still think about them. We must not forget that deceased individuals can have the same problems as us. Clearing the generational line can bring many benefits not only to one person but to the entire family. Such actions are painless and bring relief to the living and the deceased.

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