Prophecy for Poland for 2023

2023 – the year of keeping the revolution

Thank you for inquiring about the prophecy for Poland in 2023. We invite you to the premiere of our new prophecy, and if you haven’t seen the previous one, you can read it on our website by following this link – Prophecy for Poland in 2022. We are delighted that the previous prophecy has generated so much interest, especially since its average accuracy was above 90%.

The year will be focused mainly on financial, professional, and domestic matters.

In 2023, we will experience deep-seated fear that will not be supported by reality. The fear will concern domestic issues, and we will feel as if we are addicted to our homes, making it challenging to leave. As a result, we will be dissatisfied, restless, and suspicious. Our rationality will be activated regarding material and social matters. There may be a lockdown, but its nature will be different from the one we know.

Our life force and emotions will constantly rebel against domestic issues. It will be difficult to transform emotionally this year, and those who do not know how to submit may face abuse of power and self-will. The solution for people will be to act according to the law, which will be favorable for workers and people with anxiety problems. Improved human communication will have a positive impact on reducing conflicts in our country.

There will be a desire to travel abroad or escape (France, Belgium, Japan). We will have a desire to expand our knowledge about mysterious and religious matters. In 90% of cases, traveling abroad will be a worse choice than staying in Poland. This year, we will lack entertainment or happiness, and it will mainly be a nostalgic year.

Health problems will arise, and women may have trouble getting pregnant. This may be due to water (partially) and air pollution caused by calcium and phosphorus, which will lead to skin and bone problems, as well as respiratory and adrenal gland problems. The disease will appear suddenly and unexpectedly, and paralysis may occur. Healthcare in Poland will be good.

In 2023, Poland will be favorable for creative and artistic activities, and it will be possible to meet interesting people. Poland will be the center of attention regarding financial activities. The death of someone important may occur in Poland or abroad. Poles will have more work and obligations and a willingness to help others, but unfortunately, the standard of living will decrease despite their hard work. This period will also be conducive to foreign trade (Spain and mainly overseas – Mexico, Chile, Argentina).

We will gain many new contacts, and in foreign countries, Turkey may become our enemy. Poles will return to their country, and there will be significant material losses in the state. Prepared military actions will cause more harm than good, and we may lose our position. The foreign problem will manifest itself from the eastern side. China, Russia, North and South Korea, and India will abuse their power across Europe. The world will look to England, Switzerland, and possibly Norway for help. There will be more rebellion in Africa than conflicts with others.

Poland will reveal a new enemy who will conspire and create false accusations. The end of existing structures, conditions, and relationships for Poland that it has hidden will occur. After this year, nothing will be the same. Poland will show responsibility and hard work. The country will withdraw from external military activities and focus on internal structure. It will not want to submit to recommendations from other countries and external influences, and it will seek individual success. It will oppose countries such as the USA and Germany. It will be difficult to understand the perspectives of other countries. This is a period of achieving material stability and a sense of security.

In 2023, for most people, it will be a year of loss of enthusiasm, all illusions, and a decrease in energy. Poles will be divided into two groups: hard-working optimists and lazy pessimists. There may be a problem with France. There will be a lot of financial fights over material and family goods. There may be a big problem in the sphere of securities. It seems that the number of rapes will increase. Weddings will be made mainly for reason rather than for love this year.

At the end of 2023, there will be a tendency towards independence, which may complicate many matters. There will be a rush to act, a desire to take on new and even innovative actions. There will be a change in relationships with groups and unions. We will want to change interests, enter different groups, and establish contacts with other people.

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