2022 will be a year in which humanity will crave justice and balance, a year that will avoid troubles and in which something will be put under people’s noses. As every year, society will long to live in peace and blissful ignorance of all the world’s horrors.

This year heralds hard work and risk. The focus will be on earning money and improving the financial situation, so it will be worth starting to save and dedicating time to hobbies and self-development. The biggest financial crisis that Poland may experience will be in September. This year will offer many opportunities for learning and new ideas for the Polish community. It will be easier to make contacts with people, develop oneself, and friendships. This may make some people arrogant towards others. People will firmly express their opinions and ideas. There will be even more emotions, which will make society more popular and likeable, craving love and pleasure. Everyone will sacrifice themselves for us, and we will do the same for them. People will appreciate art and music more. There will be a greater desire to be organized and have everything under control. There will be a need for diversity in work and to stimulate development. Routine will be killed in this period.

Regarding the coronavirus, it will continue to weigh on people. This will cause many problems, and there may be many people suffering. There will be many missions to repair or change others’ lives, which not everyone will accept with gratitude. Everyone will want to help others in terms of health, and there will be many more people in need, enlarging the volunteer movement. Diseases will be harder to diagnose. There will be a greater desire to help those in distress. This year will teach us to temper our anger and make concessions.

Humanity will possess a greater love for animals. Daily duties will come easier, and there will be new rules for life. The year will lead to a departure from routine and plans.

I estimate that this year will be a crisis in terms of any relationships. This will be evident in the form of a decrease in the number of marriages. Fewer contracts will also be signed. There will be more desire for freedom, rebellion in relationships. People will need a lot of freedom and independence in relationships. We will deviate from socially accepted norms, and we will also seek diversity and novelty in relationships, as well as run away from stagnation. Sudden changes will make some people happy and others will complain. This may cause anxiety and lack of stability. Difficult people who introduce a lot of unrest will be attracted. There will be many divorces, relationship breakups, and contract terminations, which will cause a lot of nervousness and eternal rebellion.

As for Poland, it will move away from tradition and create something of its own. If changes in this area do not come, frustration in Poland may explode. Poland will strive to create a strong and healthy structure. The state will have to accept pre-war schemes as its own, work through experiences to make them satisfying, so that they are not our national pain, heal wounds, and mitigate conflicts between states.

If Poland does not work through these issues, it will experience tragic consequences and fall. Transformation will be visible this year. Most political events are estimated to occur in May.

This year, Poland may experience serious conflicts from other countries.

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