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When a person dies, Angels come for the soul. Whether we see Angels or go blindly – it depends on our development and willingness, as well as our vision in the afterlife. When we are on the other side, we are in the so-called waiting room in the city of the dead – to get there, one must not be lost or burdened with various religious and rosary shackles. When the soul arrives in the city of the dead and waits in the waiting room, it can choose three paths that determine its further direction:

  • The first doors are in the middle of the fire. At these doors, there is fear, shame, fear of God, relief. In these doors, the soul unites with God, reaches the source, and the purified soul can either stay with God or be reborn – again as a different version of the soul and embark on a new journey.
  • The second door is a white light that is quiet and calm, very attractive and soothing. Here there is hope and a desire to return to other souls, a desire to help and a longing for the earth and home. However, there is still the memory and pain of the soul that it had and it must face it again. Opening these doors becomes increasingly difficult with time and experience, but they are most often chosen, sometimes souls see only one path – this one.
  • The third door is a dark cosmic vortex or a violet light. It is empty and yet fulfilling, nirvana. We remember everything if we want or forget everything completely. It is bliss and idealism – but without love. Because this is the end of our journey and these are the last doors we can enter. We will get everything we desire when it comes to material things. We enter here to help others: these are, among others, clairvoyants, mystics, spiritual guides. These are the souls of those who have returned or are descending. After returning to the waiting room, we feel an unparalleled desire to finally enter the first door. They are not frightening or dark to us then.

The city in the afterlife is an oasis where we wait and also work, help, learn, and eliminate our karma and wrongdoing. There is no history or overcrowding here. We simply work on ourselves. We enter the earth pure. We taste living water and nourish ourselves with light. We can stay in this city as long as we want – until we feel which door we want to choose.

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