Karma appears like a chain that we drag here on earth. In religions, it is considered sacred karma and is called punishment for previously committed actions. However, the truth is that religions bring back and attach guilt that we have already worked through in the afterlife. Thinking about existing karma and accepting it causes such chains to be attached and leads to unfortunate events. We meet people who force us into recurring frustrating situations, which in turn creates a series of other karmas and reminds us of our imperfection. We then do a Sisyphean task. Reincarnation here on earth is a purgatory only because we adopt an attitude that we are imperfect and need suffering, atonement for sins, or working through karma.

How does it work?

It works very destructively for the individual, and it is not possible in the material world to break this chain because another one is created and compounded. There are people who can break some karma chain, but only partially. To eliminate it completely, there is a need for very clear vision in space. To eliminate such karma, we can also call it spiritual healing programs. Only by reaching spiritual heights can we cleanse ourselves and our entire being.

After such purification, when we meet the same people again and continue to program ourselves into our Church, we can accept the chain again. The worst of the misunderstood karmas that afflict us are those acquired from religious programs from previous lives. Awareness is collective, and leaving karma when others are still connected to it is more difficult. But it is not impossible. A person is born pure on earth and is not burdened with karma or guilt for Adam and Eve’s sins or for being Jewish. Caste only keeps people in the worst poverty and misery. Gratitude and wealth will not be reborn there. Only beliefs and thinking cause this.

New morals and guilty consciences arise, which we do not understand. After a while, we accept the state of these emotional states and continue to live in beliefs. We continue to program our children that the world is cruel and dangerous. The world becomes what we create. We mostly have a Catholic view, so it won’t be colorful. Intending to make it better will not make us see how it really is. The sacred cow will still be revered and carried on laurels. But looking at this cow can make us feel grateful and see the world anew – looking at it through its eyes.

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