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18 05, 2023

Liver cleansing

By |2023-05-18T13:33:10+02:00May 18th, 2023|Categories: Knowledge base, Self-healing methods|0 Comments

Why is a healthy liver so important? The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body, but that's not all, it is also responsible for processing several emotional states, mainly anger, rage, and hatred. An improperly functioning liver: in the case of liver obesity - the body is unable to lose weight, the yo-yo effect will always appear, it is a protective function of the body, [...]

16 05, 2023


By |2023-05-16T14:52:42+02:00May 16th, 2023|Categories: Knowledge base, Self-healing methods|0 Comments

Forgiveness Forgiveness is very important. Through forgiving, we become lighter; after forgiving, we feel relief - the burden associated with past grievances falls off us. These burdens can even reach back to previous incarnations. For example, in a woman - man relationship, in a previous life, the woman had a lover, in this life the man, even unconsciously, will pull in situations or people so [...]

26 04, 2023


By |2023-12-20T12:59:32+01:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Power nodes - free download, Self-healing methods|0 Comments

It is important for us to understand what emotions are. Emotions are one of our bodies, and emotions want to live. Emotions don't care whether we are happy or depressed (even though it is one of our bodies), they just want to live, and they don't care what emotions we feed them with, they just want to express themselves. Sometimes, engaging in negative emotions leads [...]

26 04, 2023

Thoughts – understand and control them

By |2023-12-20T12:59:50+01:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Power nodes - free download, Knowledge base, Self-healing methods|0 Comments

Thoughts are energy that surrounds us. If we have too many thoughts, we can become overwhelmed and over-energized, and other energies may not be able to reach us. For example, when we are taking an exam and our thoughts are circling around us, we may not be able to hear the hints coming from our consciousness or even hear what others are saying to us. [...]

26 04, 2023

Living water

By |2023-09-28T20:23:13+02:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Self-healing methods, Knowledge base, Power nodes - free download|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

What is living water? It is assumed that there is living water as well as dead water. Living water is considered to be that which, when frozen, has a minimum of 50% of its hexagonal shape fully maintained, i.e. the water sample is frozen and if the hexagonal crystals in the sample are at least 50%, such water is considered to be alive. Most of [...]

26 04, 2023


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Karma Karma appears like a chain that we drag here on earth. In religions, it is considered sacred karma and is called punishment for previously committed actions. However, the truth is that religions bring back and attach guilt that we have already worked through in the afterlife. Thinking about existing karma and accepting it causes such chains to be attached and leads to unfortunate events. [...]

26 04, 2023

Perception of time

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The perception of time is highly subjective. Our brain interprets it differently. This raises the question - why? Sometimes difficult questions have simple answers. How our brain perceives the passage of time depends on our mood, age, and life experiences. Each hour is always 60 minutes. However, the sense of time can vary. Our mind reaches into memory and verification. Waiting forces us to draw [...]

26 04, 2023

Family ?

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What is family, really? Family is a network of connections, not only based on blood ties, but also on informational, genetic, legal, hierarchical, and privileged connections. A person who comes from a poor family usually remains poor, while a person who comes from a wealthy family usually continues to accumulate wealth. This refers to a certain division - the caste system of families. Sometimes it [...]

26 04, 2023

Toxic places

By |2023-04-26T13:07:25+02:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Knowledge base|Tags: , , |0 Comments

True Home or Toxic Places? There are places where we feel fantastic as soon as we enter them, we feel like we've found home, we feel a family atmosphere, warmth, peace. There are also places filled with anger, hatred, and negativity - as we enter each space, we partially fill ourselves with it. Every object, every part of the house, every room takes in what [...]

26 04, 2023

Breast cancer – diagnosis of the source of the disease

By |2023-05-22T14:25:13+02:00April 26th, 2023|Categories: Self-healing methods|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Correct disease diagnosis Correct disease diagnosis in every case is crucial, as people often treat other diseases, and the source of the problem remains. Most diseases have their source in the psyche and its functioning. People have great self-healing capabilities, but their psyche must work impeccably for this to happen. Unfortunately, in illness, people's thinking worsens, and their psyche weakens, which accelerates the progression [...]