What is family, really?

Family is a network of connections, not only based on blood ties, but also on informational, genetic, legal, hierarchical, and privileged connections.

A person who comes from a poor family usually remains poor, while a person who comes from a wealthy family usually continues to accumulate wealth. This refers to a certain division – the caste system of families. Sometimes it is possible to move out of a certain caste, and we often hear that a person came from a poor family but, despite the difficulties and their own perseverance, they managed to achieve success. This raises a few important questions: why do we continue to stay in some box with closed walls, where is the key to directing our own lives? Where is the key to change and taking control of our lives?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

If we don’t make an effort – and every change requires effort, whether physical or learning something new – nothing will change. Often we don’t learn from the lessons life teaches us – because life is one big lesson – we have to learn something from it. If we don’t draw conclusions, don’t think about what needs to be changed, don’t seek answers – nothing will change. If we don’t change ourselves, our lives won’t change either. If we want changes in life, we must first start with ourselves. We can learn from our own mistakes – although it will be a long learning process – or we can also learn from the mistakes of others, which will be a faster learning process.

Elton John’s story is a good example here. Why did he change his name? (his real name was Reginald Kenneth Dwight) There were several reasons, one of which was that as an artist, he wanted to completely create himself, and the given name and surname by his parents created a connection with them, their way of thinking, and was a huge obstacle in building his own identity. The given name and surname was a bridge to the past that Elton wanted to cut off instead of working through, which ultimately led to the fact that the unresolved past returned like a boomerang with unresolved problems. However, changing the name or name and surname of artists is usually only for marketing purposes, but it does affect the creation of a new character in which a person embodies.

In concentration camps, people were stripped of their names and surnames for a number, a digit – which they became. It had a similar effect of stripping a person of their own identity, like taking away their vibration of name, their strength and power, their connections with people. This caused them to become completely robotic and not only lose their dignity, but also completely lose themselves. This also made it easier to insert a new scheme into their heads and deprive them of their humanity and behaviors.

To create a new self, we must come to terms with the past, draw lessons from it, and acknowledge that blood family DOES NOT EXIST – we CHOOSE who we live with, who we meet, who we spend time with – because ultimately, the people we spend the most time with, we are saturated with their way of thinking, their way of approaching the world – it all mixes like one big misogynistic body.

You become who you surround yourself with. If you want to change your life, choose your job, environment, and family consciously. It is said that you cannot choose your family – of course, not the blood family, but we do not have to treat the blood family as our family. Nevertheless, the genetic burdens of these connections will function in the body and it takes a lot of mindfulness practice to catch and change them.

If we love someone, we are more open to them and have more energetic connections with.

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