Why is a healthy liver so important?

The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body, but that’s not all, it is also responsible for processing several emotional states, mainly anger, rage, and hatred.

An improperly functioning liver:

  • in the case of liver obesity – the body is unable to lose weight, the yo-yo effect will always appear, it is a protective function of the body,
  • lowers the so-called memory index – we then have worse memory,
  • can affect the poorer functioning of the pancreas,
  • can affect the workload of the kidneys (usually mainly burdens the work of the kidney, which is directly under the liver)
  • can affect the clogging of the gallbladder and the accumulation of stones,
  • is responsible for the smaller amount of energy we have every day,
  • is responsible for worse fat metabolism, and therefore a greater tendency to gain weight,
  • is responsible for worse skin condition,
  • and many others…

Emotional states that we haven’t worked through – and basically the liver, as well as burdens after medicines, vaccines, and other toxins, which the liver hasn’t processed, accumulate in the form of liver stones and stones in the gallbladder, which can also contribute to reducing the processing capabilities of the pancreas and kidneys, thus reducing the quality of our life and the feeling of well-being.
Removing these stones, deposits, etc. improves a lot in our body, but at the same time, we also get rid of the scenarios associated with it that energetically burden us, and these deposits can reach back even decades.

Milk Thistle supplementation – improves liver regeneration (in most cases), (it is available in lyophilized form to swallow in capsules).
Burdock Root Supplementation – brings many positive things for our bodies, but also improves the protective functions of the liver (it is also available in lyophilized form to swallow in capsules).

Liver cleansing:

  • For the first 6 days – drink a liter of pressed apple juice every day, or 0.25 liters of cherry juice (the malic acid contained in these juices will soften the deposits)
  • The actual cleansing takes place on day 7, you will need freshly squeezed orange juice, olive oil, magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt
  • At 6 pm – dissolve Epsom salt (or magnesium sulfate – a sachet of 50-60 grams) in 710 ml of water and drink one 180 ml glass through a straw
  • At 8 pm – drink the second 180 ml portion of the laxative (Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate)
  • At 9 pm – squeeze the juice from the oranges, mix 180 ml of juice with 120 ml of Olive Oil, it’s best to pour both ingredients into a jar and close,
  • At 10 pm – shake the jar vigorously to create a uniform consistency and drink through a straw and go to bed right away,
  • At 6 am the next day – drink another 180ml portion of the laxative,
  • At 8 am – drink the last portion of the laxative.

After taking 1 dose of the laxative, you may feel dizzy, after the 2nd dose, you should already have bowel movements, the next day you will surely be a frequent guest in the bathroom – but that’s good, many deposits will be excreted.
The author of this method is Andreas Moritz, I’ve tested it on myself several times and after each time I only feel better, I encourage those interested to buy the book – The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush – Andreas Moritz – you will find more information about this method in it, and not only.

What improves after cleansing:

  • Better quality of thoughts, lighter head, we are lighter energetically,
  • Better memory,
  • Better metabolism – lower weight,
  • Definitely more energy, which means a lower need for calories,
  • Better skin quality, younger appearance (especially the face),
  • Less anger and rage, which has accumulated in the body – and thus better conditioning of the present and the future,
  • Improved detoxification function of the liver.
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