Thoughts are energy that surrounds us. If we have too many thoughts, we can become overwhelmed and over-energized, and other energies may not be able to reach us. For example, when we are taking an exam and our thoughts are circling around us, we may not be able to hear the hints coming from our consciousness or even hear what others are saying to us. Our thoughts become the most important thing, and they loop back on themselves, leading to internal conflicts. We can’t concentrate, draw proper conclusions, or see the world in a more truthful way. Thoughts then take over our entire reality and can even create their own, leading us into our own illusions. Thoughts are nothing but our energy body, which is built through previously created thoughts.

Our energy bodies (there’s ten) must draw upon knowledge from other energy bodies (including thoughts) to function properly. If we only have thoughts circling around us, our mental body drowns out the other bodies. Our energy world is then enclosed in a bubble of ignorance and our own mental creations.

Our first mental creations come from our parents and immediate surroundings, shaping our foundation and core beliefs. After achieving independence, we go to school, where our perception of the world and our thinking patterns are shaped. All the teachings we receive are not just learned but increasingly become more rigid, often resulting in a loss of independent thinking.

The more regimented the system, the greater the thought bubble that confines us from expressing ourselves creatively. A child should be able to think and perceive the world independently, which is essential for creating one’s own opinion, recognizing the value of oneself and others, and having a realistic view of the world. A child should awaken their other energy bodies to function properly, develop their senses such as smell, hearing, or intuition, and even their spiritual bodies, which are the way to enlightenment with the involvement of consciousness.

Any attention or judgment from parents can cause one to stop looking and activate the energetic defense system embedded in our thoughts. To perceive the world correctly, we must also feel and see. These are our senses that help us in our evaluation of the surrounding world. This can lead to creativity and creation. The more thoughts we have from other people, the more we become creations of those people or institutions. If we do not awaken our own other energy bodies, we cannot feel anything beyond our thoughts or our imagination.

We then cannot feel or hear the touch of energy. Small children who spend time in nature see and perceive more colors. They can see auras, halos, and even ghosts or entities. Entities are creations that arise from thoughts that begin to live their own lives when they accumulate enough thoughts. The human mind is capable of producing such beings or entities.

At times, humans cannot even control their own thoughts, leading to mental disorders such as schizophrenia, paranoid syndromes, dissociative identity disorder, or other mental illnesses, resulting in self-destruction.

One solution to the flood of thoughts is work, which makes us forget unnecessary thoughts. Work should be what we want to express ourselves with. If we do not have such work, it is a sign that our will is disturbed by a bad mental creation of ourselves. This can cause the multiplication of thoughts. If we want to get rid of unwanted thoughts that cause worry, sadness, nostalgia, or apathy, we must reach for higher parts of ourselves, which can be awakened and developed through nature or meditation.

We have prepared an energy node that will allow you to clear all your thoughts. It is prepared for A3 format – printed in A4 format, it will work only half as well. Simply pull the switch located on the right side of the image to start the spiritual fan and blow away unwanted thoughts.

It may promote the reconstruction of neurons.

The knot is prepared for A3 format.

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