The soul is an energy that cannot be touched or smelled. It is a ball of energy in energetic spaces, like a star that begins to BE. It has a certain number of years of existence and is a tear in the universe’s energy. It is created from unique and selected energies that are beautiful and come from love (God), and from them, the soul is born. When it is born, it comes with a divine plan, its uniqueness, potential, and power. The direction in which it will manifest and grow. Forgetting its uniqueness leads to the extinguishing of the soul (star).

The soul will become immortal only when it finds love, a divine pattern within itself. It must shine within itself. It can constantly draw light and energy from the source until it shines on its own and understands that it can also shine on its own and be immortal. All it takes is the desire to do so.

The graphic represents the original pattern of the source to discover our energetic predispositions. We can feel peace and gentleness in our body. The image has the purpose of finding ourselves, discovering our own values, and refreshing our primary records that have been lost. It will allow us to cheat time, which is chasing us. The graphic will strengthen our talents and will work when we begin to want to understand or feel it. Looking at it will make time stand still with a sense of peace and gentleness. Gentleness is the key to finding oneself.

This knot removes most of the blocks that cut off the higher dimensions of yourself.

The knot is prepared for A3 format,
in A4 format it works up to about 10%.

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