Correct disease diagnosis

Correct disease diagnosis in every case is crucial, as people often treat other diseases, and the source of the problem remains. Most diseases have their source in the psyche and its functioning. People have great self-healing capabilities, but their psyche must work impeccably for this to happen. Unfortunately, in illness, people’s thinking worsens, and their psyche weakens, which accelerates the progression of any disease. If we think about illness, we give it the power to develop. If we think about health, we give it the power to heal and self-heal.

Unprocessed conflicts, leaving a strong imprint on the psyche, brooding over the past, lack of forgiveness – these and similar topics are toxic, and what is in the psyche is also in the body. What is inside is also outside – there is feedback. If we live in a toxic environment with toxic people, we begin to have toxic thoughts, which in turn poison the body.

Of course, there are cases where there is strictly biological poisoning, from a bad lifestyle, poor nutrition, poor quality of food (e.g. GMO), or living in a place with excessive electromagnetic radiation.

In this article, however, we will focus on problems with sources in the psyche – this is very important – because people treat themselves in many different ways, be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other methods, but often diseases recur because the person who is sick has not realized the source of the problem and has not worked through it in the psyche. Without realizing the source of the problem, a disease relapse is more than certain.

Breast Cancer

The main biological significance of breast cancer is a conflict in the home – including the husband, children, family, home (real, symbolic, imagination).

Breast gland cancer

It arises in cells that produce milk. It is experienced by a woman as a drama concerning her child, husband, marriage, etc. It is a conflict of motherhood related to the fear that harm will come to the children or is related to the home / place of residence. In nature, breastfeeding has been the best way to keep a child alive for millions of years, as it provides both food and fluids essential for survival. The genes in the neurons’ chromosomes that make up the center that manages the cells responsible for milk production in the breasts issue an instruction to multiply these cells. This causes the formation of a tumor that actually serves as an improved organ – a super-efficient breast that can produce milk faster and more efficiently, allowing the child to survive. The nutritional value of milk produced by cancer cells is greater than that of milk produced by normal cells. Cancer produces highly condensed milk, focusing only on saving the child’s life. In the healing phase, the lump decreases, sometimes causing inflammation.

Right breast (in a right-handed woman, opposite in a left-handed woman)

This is the place of manifestation of a conflict of an expanded nest, a human tragedy related to a person we care about, but we do not play the role of mother towards them – e.g., with a partner, siblings, friends, relatives, parents, or grandparents. These are dramas related to people for whom the woman does not play the role of mother.

Left breast (in a right-handed woman, opposite in a left-handed woman)

This is the place of manifestation of a conflict of the nest in a narrow sense: a tragedy related to someone we have a maternal relationship with. It can concern everything that is in the home – children, passions, companies (everything that is the work of life – the so-called child) or a very beloved husband.

Ductal breast cancer

A conflict of separation within the nest, a lack of communication, an inability to show love, linked to a feeling of separation and/or lack of understanding, will manifest as duct.

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