Reading diseases from the face is a very helpful technique, which originates from the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine. The face has many layers, and we can read a person’s character from it, as you can read in this post – reading character from the face. However, we can also read many irregularities and signs of diseases from the face.

A prepared map of the face can tell us a lot. The point is that each part of the face is related to certain organs. In the case of the improper functioning of a specific organ, we can find redness, greenish tinge, pimples, and other anomalies in the corresponding area of the face.

Alcoholics often have a so-called “red nose” (up to the level of the eyes, sometimes the surface is even larger) because alcohol thins the blood, and the heart has to pump it harder, which causes stress on these organs due to the lifestyle. Long-term smokers will have red cheeks due to lung degeneration.

Often, after drinking too much, there are hollows in the eyes or bruises under the eyes, which indicate improper hydration of the body and/or improper kidney function.

The most common anomalies are bruises or redness in certain areas, and greenish hues may indicate the presence of a tumor in the corresponding organ.

Pimples in certain areas may indicate minor anomalies, usually related to nutrition and diet. For example, pimples around the mouth may indicate an excess of salt or sugar in the diet, while pimples on the outer cheeks and above the eyebrow line may indicate hormonal problems.

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