Hypnotherapist / Clairvoyant – Consultations

Hypnotherapist / Clairvoyant – Consultations


Consultations with a energy healer / hypnotherapist are for people who:

  • Are physically ill or need a disease diagnosis
  • Struggle in life
  • Try in a relationship but don’t know if it’s worth it
  • Have business ideas but don’t know if they’re worth pursuing
  • Face important life decisions but don’t know if it’s the right direction
  • Feel they have strayed from their life path and don’t feel like themselves and/or feel limited
  • Feel possessed
  • Have thousands of thoughts and their psyche is overwhelmed
  • Sense entities, souls, or beings in their surroundings
  • Feel limited, for example, by curses, maledictions, projections, other people’s visions, etc.

Consultations look different than most people imagine. Depending on whether they are personal or over the phone, they have their common features. During the consultation, the person is diagnosed multidimensionally, from physical health to the functioning of the mind and psyche, and even life paths. The consultation also includes clairvoyance readings, where one can ask, for example, what would be beneficial for a person in terms of relationships, business, or health. In some cases, we incorporate bioresonance readings and discuss the requirements for future supplementation (only during in-person consultations). In selected cases, we work through problems hidden in the subconscious. At the end, an individual action is activated for the person. The entire consultation, including the action, usually takes about 60 minutes.

Often during the consultation, to work through a specific issue, hypnotherapy or guided meditation is required – it is a form of inner journey that allows us to change the scenes conditioning us. By reaching the subconscious and unconscious regions, one can permanently change oneself without any obstacles, removing all phobias, nervous tics, improper perception of the world, or incorrect ways of being. It is commonly believed that a hypnotherapist mainly works with emotions, and this is partly true. There are 10 layers of the subconscious, and most people end their journey on layer 2, but with each layer, there are more possibilities for change. Thanks to years of practice, we manage to go deeper, even down to layers 8 or 9, allowing us to accomplish much more in a single session.

Phone consultations: On a specific day and time, we call the provided phone number or use a chosen messenger app – usually WhatsApp.
In-person consultations: On a specific day and time, we meet at the location – Rzeszów, ul. Żywiczna 16b/3b

To book, choose the type of consultation, optionally the number of additional people to be included in the action (one is always included, additional people are optional), and then choose the date and time that suits you. Next, in the cart, you can pay for the service online or choose to pay on-site for in-person consultations. The chosen time may be subject to change, in which case we will call you in advance to arrange the exact date or time individually.

Reservations are also accepted by phone and via email.

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The scope of operation of one healing by a energy healer includes the correction of:

  • physical body  (health improvement)
  • energy body  (including mental improvement)
  • remove light to medium possessions (for stronger possessions or haunts, several heals may be necessary)
  • existential body  (improvement)
  • spatial structures  (possibility of achieving additional goals or recovering old life patterns)
  • spiritual body  (regaining humanity – improving relationships with people)
  • supraspiritual body  (activating entrances into all energy and spiritual areas – astral travel, and unlocking clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairvoyance).

My healing journey began several years ago when I noticed that I could feel various points on the physical body. Unconsciously, my hands were drawn to specific pressure points (mostly acupressure methods at the time, even though I didn’t have conscious knowledge in that area), and I was able to quickly help people around me. By touching a certain area, I could sense the problems or diseases present there. Much of what I did at that time was based on intuition, and partly unconscious.

Eventually, I began sensing health problems in people around me without touching them, and over time, I naturally developed the ability to do so from a distance, such as from a photo or the tone of someone’s voice. My natural specialization, therefore, is in human health issues.

Wanting to develop this skill consciously, I went through a massive amount of materials, books, and videos. However, the simplest and most effective techniques, methods, and knowledge came from learning from Zbigniew Jan Popko, to whom I am deeply grateful. We then completed a course and state exams, obtaining official qualifications as bioenergy therapists.

Now, I combine various methods in healing people. In addition to bioenergy therapy, depending on the need, I also use hypnotherapy, supplementation, herbal medicine, bioresonance, and sometimes acupressure. By looking at the body holistically, we can remove the sources of problems people struggle with for years.

By combining different methods, I have had great success working with children with autism spectrum disorders (improvement from 48% to 90%). I also have extensive experience working with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer (healing up to 100% in about 50% of cases), and diabetes (improvement from 58 to 99%). With diseases like Parkinson’s, symptoms can be reduced by 40-70%, and thyroid issues can see improvements from 60 to 100%.

We continually educate ourselves – perfecting our skills, workshop, and the scope of our knowledge. Life lessons, observations, books, and more importantly, spiritual journeys, meditations, and prayers also contribute. I have plans to publish three books, so I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to not miss upcoming releases.

I conduct healings with great effectiveness for people in Poland, Austria, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia – as distance does not matter in my case and cannot be compared to typical bioenergy therapy, where distance matters. Regarding actions and consultations – children with autism “come back to earth” after a few of my interventions, people with spinal problems start to live normally, dried intervertebral discs return to their original state, life begins to come together, and health and motivation return. For severe neurological cases, such as children with moderately advanced or advanced autism, Down syndrome, etc., an in-person consultation is required for the first time – as it is often difficult to reach such individuals remotely, or the effect would be less than in a face-to-face meeting.


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