Distance energy healing has been successfully practiced for many years – the power of healing at a distance is practically identical to that of in-person healing.

In the case of energetic or spiritual spaces, space and distance are not of great importance, which is why distance healing therapy is practically as effective as in-person physical meetings. In personal meetings, we rarely physically touch people – we can somewhat more easily affect a specific part of the body and transfer additional energy from the physical plane, and some changes can occur a little faster. However, standard healing action from the energetic / spiritual plane works just as well in personal consultations as it does at a distance.

In the case of the physical space – we cannot physically press or touch the body at a distance – nonetheless, the human body consists of many layers. The physical body is only a fraction of your whole being. The brighter and more open the mind, the higher it reaches – and the higher it reaches, the higher it touches. Bodies are coupled with each other – meaning that by acting on the energetic body > the energetic body affects the physical body. By acting on the spiritual body > the spiritual body affects the energetic body, which in turn affects the physical body. This is how it looks in great simplification.