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26 04, 2023

Hypnotherapy – what exactly is it?

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Hypnotherapy is a journey into oneself that allows us to change the conditioning scenes that affect us. By reaching into the subconscious and unconscious regions, we can change ourselves permanently, removing all kinds of phobias, nervous tics, incorrect perception of the world, or improper ways of being. It is commonly believed that a hypnotherapist can work mainly with emotions, and this is partly true. There are [...]

26 04, 2023

Dowsing, dowser – what is it and who is it?

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A dowser is a person with exceptional dowsing abilities, which involves sensing energy in space, such as water veins, which can affect the sleep and function of living organisms (except cats, which often love such veins). Usually, dowsers use rods or pendulums, but dowsers with exceptional dowsing abilities can feel and see them without the need for additional tools. Dowsing is a profession that involves, among [...]

26 04, 2023

Medium – who is it and who can be a medium?

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A strong medium is usually born with their abilities. A medium is a person with exceptional skills in communicating with spirits and the afterlife. To some extent, one can partially develop mediumship abilities and have them (smaller or larger), but the stronger the medium from birth, the better. A strong medium sees the other world more clearly and will more accurately convey information from the afterlife.

26 04, 2023

Distant energy healing – is it possible?

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Distance energy healing has been successfully practiced for many years - the power of healing at a distance is practically identical to that of in-person healing. In the case of energetic or spiritual spaces, space and distance are not of great importance, which is why distance healing therapy is practically as effective as in-person physical meetings. In personal meetings, we rarely physically touch people - we [...]

26 04, 2023

Energy healing and faith

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Bioenergy therapy and Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, or any other religion have their limitations. A person should be free, not limited in any way. Much is said about free will, but it does not exist in religions. Much is said, for example, about not killing, yet most wars have a religious background. This is nothing more than a simple manipulation of people, God would never allow his [...]

26 04, 2023

What physical symptoms can occur after healing?

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Physical symptoms after healing depend on the specific action, the person and his sensitivity as well as his ailments and many other factors. Below is a list of the most common physical symptoms after energy healing (distance or personal): In progress: sensation of heat or cold in different parts of the body sensation of currents flowing in different parts of the body tingles pressures in different [...]

26 04, 2023

How does distant healing work?

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Distance healing works as follows: in our store, we offer a energy healing service at a distance. In the product, we choose the day when the action is to be activated, and on that day, usually in the evening around 8 pm, we start the cleaning, healing, and aligning action, although the aspect of action is much broader. Then we write a message that the action [...]

26 04, 2023

How looks like consultations with a energy healer / clairvoyant ?

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Consultations with a bioenergotherapist look different than most imagine. Depending on whether they are personal or telephone, they have their common characteristics. During the consultation, a person is diagnosed multidimensionally. From physical health, through the functioning of the mind or psyche, to the paths of fate. The consultation also includes readings in the field of clairvoyance, you can ask, for example, what would be beneficial for [...]

26 04, 2023

Energy healer – who is he/she?

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Everyone can become a bioenergy therapist. The difference lies in the potential produced by a given energy healer. Even a mother who cares for her child, cuddles it, transfers some of her energy to it - this is already energy healing - it comes from biology. Everything material, on the other hand, was formed earlier in the higher bands. The purer our intentions are and we [...]

26 04, 2023

Disease diagnosis

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The correct diagnosis of the disease is crucial for any treatment. Are you treating your spine, and the problem comes from your kidneys? There are many cases like this one. A good diagnosis of the disease allows you to treat the source of the problem, not the symptoms. Many times people treat a symptom while the problem has never been completely removed and the problem keeps [...]