Physical symptoms after healing depend on the specific action, the person and his sensitivity as well as his ailments and many other factors. Below is a list of the most common physical symptoms after energy healing (distance or personal):

In progress:

  • sensation of heat or cold in different parts of the body
  • sensation of currents flowing in different parts of the body
  • tingles
  • pressures in different parts of the head
  • energetic boost and more strength
  • drowsiness

After action:

  • relief, lightness, clarity of thinking
  • inner peace, harmony, bliss
  • dry mouth, increased need for fluids or food
  • change of attitude, change of behavior, different view of reality
  • above normative humor
  • runny nose, diarrhea, headache, seizures, fever
  • physical vomiting or retching
  • local pain – e.g. when changing the human posture internally, there is a change in external posture and spinal pain may occur
  • fatigue, weakness
  • willingness to change, e.g. cleaning the apartment