Distance healing works as follows: in our store, we offer a energy healing service at a distance. In the product, we choose the day when the action is to be activated, and on that day, usually in the evening around 8 pm, we start the cleaning, healing, and aligning action, although the aspect of action is much broader. Then we write a message that the action has been activated, and if we saw specific abnormalities, we usually write what they were, and at the same time, we ask for feedback on what changes have occurred. Of course, there are cases where we work with people in the long term because we cannot cure cancer with one action – the more challenging the issues, the longer the healing process usually takes, and many healing actions are needed. Sometimes people do not change, do not work on themselves to be better, and quickly lose their energy surplus, then the healing process slows down or stops completely, and more healing actions are needed. In some cases, especially when the problem is strongly rooted in biology, we cannot help much, although in many different cases, we can really do a lot.