Consultations with a bioenergotherapist look different than most imagine. Depending on whether they are personal or telephone, they have their common characteristics. During the consultation, a person is diagnosed multidimensionally. From physical health, through the functioning of the mind or psyche, to the paths of fate. The consultation also includes readings in the field of clairvoyance, you can ask, for example, what would be beneficial for a given person, in terms of a partnership or business relationship, in terms of business goals or health aspect. In some cases, we insert bioresonance readings and discuss the requirements for future supplementation (only with a personal consultation on site). In selected cases, we work through problems hidden in the subconscious. At the end, an individual action is launched for a given person. The entire consultation, including the action, usually does not exceed 60 minutes.

Telephone consultations: at a given time we call the given telephone number or talk through a selected messenger.
Personal consultations: at a given time we meet at the location provided by the healer.