Everyone can become a bioenergy therapist. The difference lies in the potential produced by a given energy healer. Even a mother who cares for her child, cuddles it, transfers some of her energy to it – this is already energy healing – it comes from biology. Everything material, on the other hand, was formed earlier in the higher bands. The purer our intentions are and we work on ourselves to be better people – our potential grows. This potential is the greater the healer is better as a human – simply. In a way, the physical body is only one of our bodies, perfecting the other bodies is a different story – here you need to have a clean open mind, unblocked clairvoyance, clairvoyance, etc. Then you can better see the whole human being, ominous projections, curses, hauntings and everything that immaterial, and man is about 95% immaterial, on the physical plane we see only a scrap, which is the densest form. Most people are born with limitations, but you can delete them and start building a new you and your new future, although it is not very complicated, it requires many years of work on yourself, and in the end you need to pass several state exams, have knowledge of human anatomy, basic knowledge of Chinese medicine and many other things.

Due to the fact that people who are not fully versed in this subject, a lot of myths and nonsense have accumulated at that time. In the case of energy healing, there are actually many traps and dangers and people cannot cleanse themselves after treatments, they cannot cleanse people, and what is worse, by not knowing the subject, you can harm yourself, which is why it happens that a energy healer helped in 40% but harmed in 60% %. That is why it is very important to work on yourself, on the purity of thoughts, emotions, intentions, being in higher vibrations, so that people who come for help get the greatest possible positive potential for changes in their lives and a better tomorrow, better life paths, etc.