Bioenergy therapy and Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, or any other religion have their limitations. A person should be free, not limited in any way. Much is said about free will, but it does not exist in religions. Much is said, for example, about not killing, yet most wars have a religious background. This is nothing more than a simple manipulation of people, God would never allow his children to kill each other.

Bio – it’s us, our finger, our hands or body, and energy is everything – thought is energy, work is energy (we have to put effort to do it), money is energy (it’s equivalent to the work needed to earn money), everything is made of energy. As you can probably guess, these thoughts, energies, and everything can be negative or positive, so some truth can be found in various articles on this topic. However, most of it is just repeated information without practical experience – someone said it, but there’s no practical proof. Each case should be considered individually.

Energy healing can be sometimes a controversial topic – how much can it be effective? However, it is easy to verify their efficacy by evaluating one’s own well-being and relationships after undergoing treatment. If one experiences a decline in their mood, relationships, or business, then it may be indicative of negative effects from the treatment. On the other hand, if there are no negative effects, then it may be a sign of quality treatment. Ultimately, the opinions of others who have undergone the treatment and recommend it are the most important factor to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of energy healing.