How to open up to a new relationship – echoes of the past

When a relationship between two people ends, echoes of that relationship can resonate for a very long time, sometimes causing internal blocks to new relationships and a new future. To clear your mind and your energetic space from the weight of previous relationships, it is very important to throw away or sell all the items you received from your ex. Because through these items, we will energetically connect with memories, the past, and those individuals.

All gifts, such as a ring from a mother-in-law, can contain hidden intentions – not always positive. Therefore, after such “gifts,” it often happens that someone gets sick, or their life becomes difficult. To disconnect from the past, rearrange your apartment according to your own taste, clean or repaint the walls, change your clothes – this will make it easier for us to open up to new things and make it easier to detach from the burdens of the past.

Change the conditioning scenes from the past

Because we are the sum of our experiences, the past conditions us in the present and future. Imagine that a human being is like a robot that learns behavior and reactions to certain stimuli. As children, we learn that we do one thing with our left hand, another with our right, and not to touch a hot pot because it will burn us. Every stimulus conditions our behavior and reactions. If you want change or have noticed something unpleasant in your behavior that bothers you – it is because you are conditioned by your own past. For example, when a neighbor buys a new car and you feel jealousy – jealousy is nothing more than self-defense. Then you enter into your imagination the scenes when you also felt jealousy and change those scenes to the opposite, i.e., scenes where you wanted to give as much as possible – in the case of jealousy. In the case of anger, for example, instead of outbursts of anger, outbursts of joy. It is important to change the conditioning scenes from the past to the opposite. The more we transform them, the better we condition ourselves for the future. In this way, we enter into a specific problem, remind ourselves of all the scenes that condition it, and the more we remember and transform them, the better.

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