Interpersonal relationships – you are what you eat

Starting this post, it should be noted that the environment in which we live, what and who we surround ourselves with, shapes our personality, partly the paths of our fate, whether we succeed or not, who we meet in life and who we are, plain and simple.

Often, in every environment, we behave differently – at work we are different because the environment is different, at home we are different, on vacation we are different, etc. Thoughts are energy, the thoughts of the people we come into contact with, with whom we fill ourselves, and the thoughts with which we fill them – they are constantly circulating – they also condition the living space and how we behave in it. What we send out to the universe comes back to us. Imagine 30 people in an office – each person different, with a different character – we like some more subconsciously than others, because like attracts like. Our thoughts and behavior build a certain kind of energy. Often, a woman dreams of a wonderful man while she herself is uninteresting, and we are only talking here about her behavior and way of thinking – first and foremost – if she is waiting for a wonderful man, she must become wonderful herself. If you want to change something in your life, don’t wait for others – start with yourself. Then your energy will change and attract someone completely different.

People don’t like change

If we want to change, grow, move forward, our energy increases – then very often the people we are associated with start to react – because we usually attract better things, e.g. an alcoholic who drinks 4 beers a day suddenly stops drinking – then everyone in his environment starts talking – why not have a drink, won’t you drink with me? Feedback starts to happen, everything around you wants to bring you back to the already established pattern in their heads, and it is up to you whether you will follow your own path or go back to the old one. That’s why some changes are difficult, you need a lot of willpower to keep going. Sometimes you want to be better, then everyone around you may start behaving negatively towards you – remember – most people don’t like change, you want to change – but you have to endure a certain period of time.

Family relationships

In the case of family relationships, things are even more different. Here, from childhood, you are often fed with expectations. You will do this, you will be this way. It used to be the norm that parents looked for wives and husbands for their children, but today it is often the case that these parents do not accept their children’s choice – sometimes they express it directly, and sometimes they have negative thoughts about the relationship, and that’s sometimes enough for the relationship to fall apart.

If someone is strongly connected by connecting threads (energetic threads) in this case we are talking about the parent-child relationship, they strongly think, dream that their child will have a job, find a normal job, find another woman or man – they strongly influence the changes in the paths of their child’s fate. The child has a company, it’s getting bigger, but pessimistic parents are trying to force the child into a regular job – in this way, the amount of orders or contracts for the child will continue to decline until they eventually lead to the closure of the freshly opened company and the child goes to work – not by choice – for someone else. In that case, of course, they will say, “I told you so,” without knowing the rules of the energy game, we are constantly at the bottom – unfortunately not by choice.


The same can apply to relationships, then it is healthiest to get far away from your parents’ eyes – healthier for the relationship.It is also possible to cut off ties with parents or change them – yes, change them. There was a saying by Buddha: “You cannot walk in my footsteps until you hate your father, your mother, your brother” – Buddhists usually do not quote it because they do not understand the meaning. It simply means to reject the programmed / imposed personality – the so-called personal, and develop the individual – or soul, in common language. Blood parents strongly condition or can condition what we will achieve in life.

Reclaim Yourself

To regain yourself, to become a creator and master of your own fate, it is enough to enter your memories and change them all to others. We can create a role reversal in our imagination with, for example, an uncle or aunt who suits us instead of our parents. Where our parents were in the visions, now the uncle and aunt are there, and the current parents are the uncle and aunt. This role reversal in our imagination leads to strong energetic changes, changes in energetic connections, and thanks to that, we can become the creator of our life, an actor – not a puppet. Your life is your choice – it doesn’t have to be conditioned or imposed – unless by yourself.

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