Advice for people after consultation / healing:

  • The most important thing is to be joyful, live a new life, be healthy, create, dream, be full of faith and hope.
  • Open yourself up to healing/the healer – the less we like or accept them, the less their influence on the patient’s healing.
  • Thoughts create reality, thinking about healing triggers self-healing and sustains the healing process already set in motion.
  • Don’t live with illnesses, constantly replaying the disease in your mind reproduces the state of illness and the previously programmed state within a person.
  • Be optimistic and positively oriented towards life and people because what we send out into the world comes back to us.
  • Work on yourself, your thoughts, behavior, and actions.
  • It’s best not to watch TV/listen to the radio, politics, or commercials that program us, violent movies or horror movies – what we eat is what we fill ourselves with, not just in terms of food.
  • Cut off toxic relationships – according to the saying, “You become like the people you surround yourself with” – different people fill us every day, the more connections we have with certain people, the more they fill us. Therefore, it’s best to try to associate with positive/optimistic/energetic people.
  • Our thoughts and words fill us and spread to other people, objects, and spaces – and everything we send out comes back. It’s good to take care of changes in this matter, e.g. repaint the apartment, throw away or give away old things, clothes (in which our old self is contained), wash the bed linen, comforters or replace them if possible.
  • Take care of your comfort more. Do a lot of enjoyable things that you have put off for later.
  • Go shopping or to a restaurant, feel that you can live! One step at a time. Warm cocoa and rest can improve our mood and start working better. Without hesitation. Thinking about consequences drags the past along.
  • Financial worries only send a message into space about their absence. Spend money with joy, knowing that it will come back. The more we think about something, the more we have it. If we direct our thoughts towards a lack of money, we have even less. Direct your thoughts towards wealth and a beautiful tomorrow.
  • Leave your worries behind, look for alternative solutions. When solutions don’t come to us, equip yourself with patience and faith for a better tomorrow.
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