The road to the source is not as difficult and winding as depicted in the image above; we humans are the ones who complicate everything. So, what is this source?

God is everywhere and is present in everything that surrounds us, as well as within us. The more truth, happiness, and joy there are in people, the more God is present in us.

People often think that abilities such as:

  • clairaudience – hearing inner voice prompts
  • clairvoyance – seeing prompts in the form of scenes and images
  • clairsentience – so-called intuition, feeling that something is not right, that someone is lying to us, gossiping about us, that something bad is happening in a particular space, etc.
  • clairolfaction – entering a space and smelling something like cinnamon – even though there is no such smell in the air – only we can smell it. This is a form of prompt in the form of associations. If we associate cinnamon with something sweet, then that is how the space feels.
  • clairgustance – statistically, this ability is quite rare. We once talked about someone, and a taste of blood appeared in our mouth – it was a prompt about that person, and as it turned out later, she had had a stroke.
  • claircognizance – we know something or are convinced that we know it, that we have to do something, that something needs to be done in a certain way, etc.

All of the above applies to everything – people, objects, spaces, situations – they are all forms of prompts. The spiritual and energetic world is constantly surrounding us, giving us prompts, but we are usually deaf and blind to these signals, and, worse still, we think that it is normal. Living with the spiritual world, with God, is simply better and easier. These abilities have always been present in everyone but have been distorted in human DNA over time. Some of them have been preserved in some people or regained during their earthly journey. That is why people often say things like “I don’t feel it,” “I don’t see it.”

The better we work on our own perfection, thoughts, actions, pay attention to words, the more we try to grow in humanity, the better we can orient ourselves in the surrounding reality, the more prompts, signals, we receive, and the better we interpret them. If we start to get lost, to torment ourselves, or have more and more thoughts – it is like going to a disco – everyone surrounds us all the time, talking to us all the time, but we cannot hear what they are saying or what they are prompting. The spiritual world, God, only wants our good, and for bad situations, we must look through the prism of experiences. The more experienced we are, the more knowledge we have about various topics, the better we are at finding ourselves in reality.

The larger our database, the better the interpretation quality. Imagine trying to explain a telephone to a native of South America 500 years ago. You would have to show him visions that it is like a stone to which you speak, and someone else hears you, and so on, and he still wouldn’t fully understand what it is. That is why prompts are always adjusted to the level of the recipient. We see a car accident – usually we see a scene from a movie, rather than the actual scene of what is about to happen or has already happened. It is just a prompt that this is what is coming or has already happened. Therefore, the richer the database, the better the interpretation quality, so we must not forget about our own education and personal development.

If we are going in the right direction, life simply falls into place.If we do something wrong, usually life slows down, informing us, “slow down, look at yourself, look at your life.” If we start to wander, there are fewer and fewer signals, our health and life skills often decline, and we have less influence on everything around us. Life on earth is a lesson, don’t go against the wind, go with the wind – you will go further.

Therefore, the source is within us, it always has been.

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