There is a lot of diversity and opinions now that can negatively affect a person. Vegetarianism has become popular, but it’s not always positive for our health. There is a lot of good in eating meat or replacing it with other nutritious ingredients. The main positive aspect of this so-called diet is that we have more nutrients and vitamins necessary for our body in fruits, vegetables, and seeds. We cannot experience such a quantity of vitamins in meat as we can in fruits and vegetables. We should eat a lot of them, and even supplement with vitamins. This is because fruits and vegetables grown on earth now have 1/3 less nutrients than ever before. Supplementation is definitely recommended, even if we consume meat.

Why should we eat meat?

Meat contains a lot of unsaturated and saturated fats that we won’t find in fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians must supplement or use rare ingredients that are not commonly found in Poland. For example, in India, people don’t eat meat, but their body, cuisine, and environment favor such nutrition, and they have elaborate dishes and spices.

Dietary changes should always be consulted with a dietitian, and we should also have blood tests done. The most common problem for vegetarians is deficiencies such as a lack of iron, which can cause severe anemia, protein – skin problems, and fats that disrupt the whole body’s functioning. After years, bone or diabetes problems may arise, which are difficult to detect or are trivialized by poor condition.

Meat should not be eliminated immediately or drastically because it will be a shock to our body, which will not be able to handle it. It’s excellent that our world is aware of overweight and other diseases related to poor food – mainly meat, but there must be harmony in everything. There must be a so-called food pyramid. The most beneficial in a proper diet – meat should be supplied once a week – as it used to be, animals were killed and prepared rarely. During wartime, beans, which have a lot of protein, replaced meat.

Why should we not be ashamed of eating meat?

Many people believe that not eating meat will reduce the demand for farms, where animals suffer and their lives are taken away too soon, but we cannot change the entire mechanism of such a process. We can buy meat from nearby ecological farmers and help them survive in a very difficult market. Such animals graze in meadows and are treated properly. The animal likes to be with humans, feels that it is being taken care of and appreciated. An animal has more emotions than a human, less reason, and does not analyze, it just feels. During animal husbandry, animals and humans learn a lot from each other, care, concern, and gratitude. It is not beneficial to take away such learning.

Killing animals is not evil!

There are many stories, for example, a young deer fell into a pit and broke its spine; such killing is not bad, only helpful. It reduces its suffering. For example, hens that have already lived their lives and are no longer able to walk are also a good solution rather than slow and cruel death. Other hens seeing the weak hen begin to peck and cause more suffering. There are many such stories on the farm. The same goes for ducks. When there are many males, slaughter begins. Therefore, the vegetarian awareness of people is unfounded. Also, eating meat from good breeding is not something worse. It is the right process.

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