At the outset, I would like to mention that there have been many translations on the subject of perceiving reality in a multidimensional way. However, the topic is so complex and non-obvious that it may turn out that each person may prefer a different explanation. This translation is tailored to my understanding of reality and level of knowledge, and may not be suitable for every reader.

A lot is said about perceiving/seeing reality in a multidimensional way. For everyone, the world is something different. A pregnant woman only sees other pregnant women because she is focused only on that, she only sees that. A smoker, especially when quitting smoking, only sees other smokers and what he is losing – although in reality he is gaining – freedom. We direct our energy and our perception exactly where we look, where our thoughts are.

The more we think about something, the more of it we have, both in our thoughts and in the surrounding reality because we direct our thoughts precisely in the direction we have chosen. If we think about illnesses, we will sooner or later have them. If we think about health, healing, it will come faster. If we think (mortify ourselves) about bills, we will have more of them. In our imagination, we show what we want, whether it is good or bad from our point of view – and as a result, we have more of what we think about. Our thoughts create our reality.

If we are surrounded by a bad environment, we become filled with it. If the environment is bad, we try to change it by consciously choosing people, acquaintances to whom we devote our time. If we watch politics all day long, we fill ourselves with it – we become worse and worse – although often we do not notice it. We are what we eat, not just food. The more good there is in us, the more we change our reality – we radiate it, we set an example. Therefore, the mind directs our perception of reality through the prism of what we are filled with.

Everyone may look at one thing, person, situation differently because everyone will look at it through what they are filled with. If we are pessimistic, negative, we say it won’t work, it can’t be done. If we are positive, we can do more, we have more suggestions, opportunities, and as a result, the reality that surrounds us is getting better and better. If we are in joy, happiness – for example, when we are in love – everything is beautiful, the world is beautiful. If nothing works for us, we say the world is terrible, everywhere is filth and dirt. In the meantime, nothing has really changed, the world has remained the same. Only our way of perceiving the world has changed.

When we change for the better, we perceive the same reality better, more fully, more clearly. We start to see more possibilities. Happiness, joy, love – is not reserved for the chosen few – it is for everyone. Everything is within us.

In summary, dimensions are simply how we look at the world.

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