Working on oneself can actually be enjoyable and doesn’t necessarily mean constant struggle and toil. It’s about constantly getting to know oneself better. Like with any job, you just have to learn to like it and appreciate it. Through this kind of work, life can become understandable and pleasant. It can improve our fate and change our perspective on the world around us.

What does this work involve?

The most important aspect is looking inward and perceiving things accurately. It may seem difficult, but it really isn’t. The key is NOT TO LIE to oneself, NOT TO DENY things, and to treat everything as a fact. By acknowledging the truth, we see everything as it really is.

How does this change the evil that plagues us?

Change can be difficult for some people. We assume from the start that we can’t change our habits and that we are stuck in toxic self-perception. Asking ourselves many questions can help us understand the whole problem behind a habit and recover what we really want to know. But admitting some things can be painful. But it’s just a curtain behind which a treasure is hidden, because everything happens for a reason, just like a mathematical solution.

Lies and laziness prevent us from moving forward, but it’s just an illusion that blinds us. Anger often accompanies us and destroys us from within. It’s very bad that we can’t face it and we put it in a box that only closes when it wants to. Sometimes it’s enough to talk to it and get to know it. Where does it come from and what is its purpose? So that it doesn’t control us. Anger is not bad as everyone thinks, it’s just a direction to a signpost that directs or defines us. It’s like with a headache, when it hurts, there’s a reason, such as hunger, dehydration, or excessive thinking. Let’s thank these clues and learn to read them.

So we see that changing anger into joy is not a good idea either. Anger remains in the box. By talking, we can see changes that occur on their own, without our heavy fighting. We shouldn’t treat it like a war. Love should be the only thing that changes us, and we just need to nurture it. Only a conversation with oneself can lead to the source, because everything in us is beautiful, we just need to reach deeper. When you understand yourself, you will understand the world and others.

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