Can energy healing be harmful – facts and myths

Yes, bioenergy therapy can be harmful, and very much so. Many people are unaware of the energetic and spiritual world around us, and of course, there is also a world that is opposed to humanity. Bioenergy therapists, as well as people in general, often feel different energies and messages, but they often cannot distinguish the polarization of these energies and their type. Often, uninformed people go to various healers who may want to help, but their intentions may not be right. Furthermore, if they are not cleansed from other people’s energies, they can infect others with a mixture of specific energies. Since they do not enter the energetic and spiritual worlds, they are not oriented in what they do and often sink into an energetic swamp, aggravating the health situation of others. It is worth mentioning here that there are also great healers. Over the years, due to the above, many myths have arisen about real energy healing, energy therapy and spiritual healing.

How to verify an energy healer?

People who are not familiar with energy can easily verify the quality of the service. Infected people with various energies, thoughts, intentions, etc., usually have worse well-being, worse quality thoughts, sleep, and just have a worse state of being. After high-quality healing, we have brighter thoughts, better well-being, our lives gain momentum, and we have better relationships with people. The quality of our lives and health improves significantly.

It happened to me to cleanse a person after another healer, and immediately it was easy to sense depression, a low vibration around the stomach, because that is where it usually accumulates. Any not fully experienced therapist can infect people. That is why such a factor as, for example, how many percent helped and how many harmed is often measured. Perhaps the therapist helped in 40%, but harmed in 60%. That is why it is essential for the healer to take care of purity and the ability to cleanse themselves and the space after people.

The excellence of a healer

The more perfect the healer in humanity, the greater their influence on the person being healed. That is why we distinguish between different forms of healers. An average bioenergy therapist activates our inner doctor – to some extent called a placebo – with good words and intentions. We believe that they will heal us, but in reality, we heal ourselves. The more we believe in the healer, the more we open up to healing, and the stronger the effect.

A good energy therapist can see whether the energy has gone or been received – this is the law of free will. If someone is open to healing at 20%, it is as if they have opened the energy tap to 20%, and thus, the effect is significantly weaker. In the case of good energy therapists or spiritual healers, the placebo factor significantly decreases.

Dobry energoterapeuta, widzi, czy energia poszła, czy została przyjęta – tu jest prawo wolnej woli, jeżeli ktoś jest otwarty na uzdrawianie w 20% to tak jakby otworzył kran z energią na 20% tym samym efekt znacznie mniejszy. W przypadku dobrych energoterapeutów czy uzdrowicieli duchowych czynnik zwany właśnie jako placebo znacząco maleje.

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