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An apartment is a part of us, we live in it, and it lives in us, creating a shared energetic whole. As we change, there is often a need for changes, big or small, in the apartment, to repaint, to rearrange furniture, to throw something away, or to add something new. Objects hold memories and are energetically charged by the user, and they can either strengthen or burden a person, depending on how we perceive these places or objects.

After healing, people often come up with ideas they didn’t think of before, unconsciously cleaning up their homes, kitchen, bedroom, and so on. This is because a clear mind needs a clean space. Knowing this principle, it works in both directions. By throwing away old things and cleaning up the apartment, our energetic space is also cleansed or changed.

If we buy an apartment on the secondary market, we must take care to repaint the rooms, throw away as many unnecessary things as possible, replace the mattresses after the old occupants, and clean and wash everything that can be cleaned. If we don’t do this, we will step into someone else’s proverbial shoes. We will start thinking differently from one day to the next, or more precisely, the way of thinking of the previous occupants will begin to creep into our lives, confuse our life goals, make us react differently, and perceive the world and people differently. Our way of thinking will be mixed with the thinking of the previous occupants of that place.


If we have old objects in the apartment that remind us of negative past experiences, let’s throw them away or sell them. Living in the past, we cannot build the future. If we have changed, old objects will often maintain our old self in them, and it will be more difficult for us to move forward because the past will continue to drag us down through objects, surroundings, memories, etc.

The same applies, for example, to cars. In the case of a used car, it is good to clean everything thoroughly, although in this case, the cars are often prepared for sale and are thoroughly cleaned. In the case of used clothing, we should definitely wash them thoroughly. Dust is often composed of skin particles, and we will carry the DNA of previous users, which can affect both our life goals and our way of thinking.

Without changes in our living space, it will be more difficult to move forward, or it may be impossible, so let’s also take care of the quality of our life and spend some time on how we live because we absorb what we surround ourselves with and then radiate it.

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