6 methods of self-healing

There are many methods of self-healing and alternative medicine, here are some of the more popular ones:

Chromotherapy – or color therapy, each color emits different vibrations, stimulates the senses, sets the mood, and each color has different associations that affect us and our mood. Therefore, the colors we surround ourselves with can have an impact on us. Sometimes we need stimulation, and sometimes we need calm, which is why we choose different colors depending on our needs or mood.

  • Green – gives calm, harmonizes the body, and is associated with the forest.
  • Pink – stimulates and is associated with ecstasy and excitement.
  • Red – stimulates and is also associated with desire and aggression.
  • Blue – calms the mind, lightens thinking, relieves tension, and relaxes.
  • Orange – gives energy and strength.
  • Gold – the color of the gods, represents health and victory.
  • White – represents calm, silence, purity, innocence, and contains all colors.
  • Black – is a purifying color that absorbs.

Sound healing – experiments have been conducted in which a healthy organ’s sound pathway was played back to a sick organ. The sick organ synchronized with the healthy organ, leading to self-healing. This shows how important it is to try not to surround ourselves with chronically ill people because they vibrate with their illness and spread it energetically. It all comes down to cell vibration, which is what we are made of.

Reflexology – we must look at the body holistically. All organs are interconnected, and the nerve endings connected to the organs are located all over the body, such as in the feet, hands, face, ears, etc. By massaging the appropriate areas, we stimulate the organs, improve their functioning and help them work better.

Acupuncture – like reflexology, needles are inserted into specific points, causing an improvement in energy flow in the body, leading to very good results in some cases.

Acupressure – like acupuncture, it also comes from Chinese medicine, but in this case, instead of needles, the appropriate points on the body/nerve endings are pressed with the fingers.

Internal problems

The vast majority of problems arise from not dealing with internal problems. Therefore, working on oneself, one’s psyche, or consciousness allows us to see more, identify problems, or even heal them independently. There are many techniques and methods, and in future posts, we will try to describe many of them with examples of self-healing.

One of our friends had a problem with the lower part of the spine, and the problem lay in not loving oneself and in not accepting oneself. Remember, without loving oneself, there is no love for others. The problem with intervertebral discs is a conflict that can be described as “I have to separate two people close to me who are quarreling.” The problem of self-acceptance is an eternal inner struggle that leads to illness, and illness is nothing more than the body’s way of communicating with us. It’s like the body is saying, “Hey, here I am, there’s something wrong with you, slow down, think about it.” Thoughts shape reality but also shape us. That is why who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis and who we are, what we say, what we think – all of it comes back to us.

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