Crystal Children

Such children are distinguished by their freedom of being, they are not mindlessly recorded files that go into the system of this world. They are surrounded by care, nurturing and love. Hence the belief in a peaceful pregnancy and a night without colic. In fact, everyone can be such a child, but the systemic world destroys and programs such children for functions that will benefit them more in the world. The system is a program that is stable, arranging blocks according to a pattern for better control. It does not tolerate chaos and errors. Exceptional children are an anomaly that changes and wants a better world. They think and feel in a holistic way, uniting with people, animals, plants and the earth.


There are historical periods when the world needs children with an intended personality. Hence the term about their character. In the 70s and 80s, when the world needed a big change, indigo children were born, who are individualists, do not tolerate compulsory tasks such as school or religion. They are very active and eager to act. Now, in 2020, their work is visible when there is loud talk of false propaganda by the system.

There are fewer and fewer people in the world who believe in baseless religions, and education is less demanding than ever before. In the years 1990-2010, crystal children were born. They are the descendants of indigo children. Above all, these children are characterized by a significantly different approach to communication than most of us. It is as if something has opened them up to extrasensory communication. They are very open to the world. They can be very sensitive to various stimuli. Calm with penetrating eyes. They do not shut themselves down like indigos to fight, but show the world how to communicate.

Recently, rainbow children with high vibrations have started to be born. This is a type of person who is to balance people’s mental balance. Such children have a strong will and can be a big obstacle for the system.


The names of such children come from the aura, which is a determinant of certain personality traits that they most often possess. The aura can change very often in a person, everything depends on the state we are in. A constant color should not be attributed to a person, unless they can maintain those states and vibrations constantly.

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