Angels – there are many stories in the world about angels. We will present you with the truth that you should know, and that will protect you from any falsehood. The first images of angels existed in ancient Egypt and Babylon. As the name suggests, this is just an image, a symbol. There were images and stories about beings helping us on every continent, such as cherubim, archangels, jinns, and others.

In the non-physical spiritual world, only intangible states exist. At the energetic level, shapes and sometimes colors can be seen with the naked eye, and sharp senses and receptors can experience low-energy vibrations. Masseurs work precisely with such low-energy energies.

People who experience angel sightings receive low-energy and energetic messages. Spiritual messages usually suggest clairvoyance that it is an angel. The images can be different for different people, depending on their experiences, and can be completely different.

Why do we see what others don’t?

We are all connected to one source and can see similar things. Hence, there are different images on the same topic. Christians have their guardian angel, and in another culture, a jinn reminds them of a spirit or a guardian spirit for Indians. The truth is that every existence has its defensive system, and the name or brand of it is irrelevant. It can be a transparent figure with wings or a walking person with an angelic soul, or a guardian spirit, animal guardian, or even a luminous figure with eyes deep in space.

All of this is a defense in the fight against energy. It is important to note here that interference with our physical, energetic, and even spiritual body through external factors such as baptism and other religious rites causes blockages. Today’s Christianity and other religions are replaced by memorized programs that make no sense. Spirituality must be felt; we cannot learn such things by heart from books. Our senses and intellect are a gift from God to be used for this purpose.

Body’s defensive systems

The most common defensive system in our body is fantasizing, joy, laughter, and excitement. We need them very much in difficult situations. Severe mental illnesses are nothing more than feeding on large fantasies and breaking away from the real world, the so-called schizophrenia. Frequent depression leads to seeking such mechanisms, and a person looks for ways. Drug addiction and drug addiction. Every addiction maintains states of euphoria. Unfortunately, this leads to brain damage, and our body stops producing necessary substances such as serotonin. In the constant struggle for survival in the physical world and the desire to be in other realities, there are often fantasies about religious matters. Hence the strong belief that angels are just a fictional creation. Religion offers a deceptive hope that people seek during a fall, but there are false pieces of information that later limit a person and lead to a complete loss of contact with the world and the search for the real problem.

One of the most common people who end up in psychiatric centers from a religious point of view are Christians because they accept their guilt and lack of fight, and the rarest cases are Jews {Judaism} because this religion emphasizes the power of choice – will, an eye for an eye. They are psychologically strong. That is why it is essential what we choose in life and what is good for us, so that our defensive system knows what to do and what to defend against.

Human Angels on Earth

Living happily does not require any drugs or narcotics. We can experience similar states of euphoria, excitement, and happiness on our own. Such effects can be achieved by working on oneself, developing spiritually and professionally. It is worth appreciating people who have already achieved a certain level and can help us. Even a masseur can help us take a step forward.People who have a desire to help others can be called angels. They help us fight blockages and, importantly, systemic limitations. Those who are spiritually and energetically developing can guide us towards harmony, living life with full energy, unlocking our senses, and experiencing journeys and feelings of friendly energies such as angels or guardians. And most importantly, fulfilling our existence in being happy.

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