Dark reality

Dark reality touches many of you, but without opposites we would not appreciate the good. If we immediately found ourselves at the right door, we would not know that it is the right one. If everything in the world was wonderful, we would not know if it is wonderful or bad, we would have no comparison. Life is meant to be a journey, a learning experience, a way of experiencing, and through opposites we can appreciate learning, values, life. After a storm, the sun always comes out. What happens in your life is only about how you react to it and what you send out.

One person has no problems and one bad event will be exaggerated into the worst moment in the world. For someone with problems, the fact that the cat pooped on the stairs will be no problem. The whole thing is only in the mind – that is, how we look at it, how we perceive it, how we react.

Shared space

If one of the household members wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, starts screaming and shouting for any reason at everyone, then for those who are weak mentally and energetically, that person will be a terrorist, sowing poison, negative emotions, bad vibrations, bad projects, and subordinating others – in this way, the entire household will adopt the way of thinking and seeing things of this toxic/negative person, but what we think about and what state of mind we are in determines whether we achieve success in life or hit rock bottom.

In the second variation of the same event, a positive, mentally strong, energetically strong person comes along, and suddenly pessimistic people start to smile, start to fall in love with the personality, because they are drawing positive energy from this person. After a visit from such a person, we feel better, we see the world differently. That’s why it’s so important to be composed and control our emotions, because power comes from silence – silence within us. When there is emotional silence, harmony in the mind, we are positive – we can do more, life goes better for us, we attract more positivity into our lives.

Negative energy

I will cite one story where someone was driving a car, complaining all the time, about how hopeless the car is, everything is terrible, etc. – the car breaks down, the gears don’t work, the belt breaks – there are countless such cases – by sending out negativity, we receive negative energy, by sending out positivity, we receive positive energy. Everything that surrounds you is made up of particles that display reality, everything is energy. Part of the energy – regardless of polarity, positive or negative – is reflected, and part of it is absorbed by literally everything; by people, furniture, living spaces, animals, etc.

What kind of reality we have in many cases, and to a very large extent, depends on who we surround ourselves with (who we fill ourselves with), because with the people we spend time with, we exchange plans for the future, ideas, visions, ways of life, etc. We surround ourselves with losers, pessimists, doom-mongers – so we will look at the world the same way, we surround ourselves with optimists, entrepreneurs, successful people – we will become like them sooner or later – and it will certainly make things easier and motivate us.

Pessimistic visions

If we keep displaying pessimistic visions in our minds, the whole environment becomes saturated with it, and even an optimistic person entering such a space is pierced by that projection, starts to feel worse, and probably leaves the space quickly. The same thing happens when we enter a restaurant run by a negative boss – we enter and the first thought that comes to mind is that we won’t come back, or that we enter and the first thought that comes to mind is that we won’t come back here or that we need to leave. In such spaces, self-possession and hauntings (self-hauntings) occur more often, as well as other similar phenomena.

Foreclosed homes and apartments

Foreclosed homes usually have very negative energy, people lose their possessions, there is a form of misfortune, negativity that led to this, and all of that energy lives in the space. That’s why it’s important to be careful about who we buy a home, car, apartment, or clothes from, because we’re wearing someone else’s clothes for a while and strange quarrels may arise or we may feel worse for a while until we fill it with our own energy. It’s worse if we have little positivity and negative energy absorbs us, in that case, it’s worth using the services of a energy healer to cleanse the space and change it to a positive one. We will definitely sleep better, think better, function better, and enjoy better health after such treatment.

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