Dreams, goals, needs

Each of you (probably) has or had some dreams, goals, needs. Such topics often accompany the beginning of the year, when there are often New Year’s resolutions, including dreams or goals, from small to really huge ones.

Achieving dreams is like being the captain of a ship on a vast sea. If you don’t have a goal, you will arrive anywhere or nowhere. Therefore, the most important step is to dream, desire, and imagine what we want. We have to determine what we want and display it in our imagination, visualize what we desire, and think about it so that our thoughts attract what we want or give us ideas on how to achieve what we dream of. It is said that we can dream about something forever – that is why it is good to bring our subconscious into the present moment so that we feel that we have already achieved these goals, that they have already become a reality.

A very good first step is to buy a corkboard on which we will hang printed photos of what we dream of, even better is the realization of photomontages in which we stand next to our dream home or car, our bank account balance as a screenshot edited, so that our subconscious mind sees it every day and gets used to the idea that it is already a reality – if you cannot do it yourself, you can find a service that will create such a photomontage online.

Positive thinking

Okay, you know where you’re going, time for the next step. One of the next and important steps in achieving dreams is positive thinking. The more we think about something, the more we have of it. If we think about bills most of the time, we will have more of them. The more problems we display, the more we will have. Let’s imagine an infinite power that surrounds you all the time – it doesn’t know words, you display bills, problems – and it says – okay, done, since he/she wants it. Thoughts shape our reality, so let’s think positively and only about what we want. Bills or problems are not problems in themselves – we make them problems. We can exaggerate any matter in our imagination to an incredible degree. When we have no real problems, the biggest problem for us will be, for example, that the cat peed on the stairs – for someone who has a lot of problems, it will be a trifle, and they won’t even perceive it as a problem. Generally, there are no problems in life – there are matters we need to deal with, nothing more – the rest is just our reaction to them.

You know where you’re going, you display it in your imagination, you think positively – and nothing happens? Relax, not everything happens at once, be patient. Changes are coming, but you not only have to want them – you have to desire them – I remember such a story – years ago in China when the Chinese still earned very poorly and it was difficult to achieve higher goods, a certain child wanted an iPad so much that it sold its own kidney – I do not encourage or approve of it, it’s just about understanding that if we really want something, there are no obstacles and we have to desire it very strongly.


Another thing is gratitude. Imagine this, your life is one huge playground – you are a child playing in this playground, and God is your Daddy – look at it as an allegory, you have children, you buy toys for your child – the child is unhappy, and what then? Do you buy more toys? No, because you feel that the child is not grateful, you wait like a wise father until the child respects the toys it has.So if you’re not grateful for what you already have, you won’t get any more toys – everything is a gift, enjoy what you already have. Dad wants the best for you, he wants your happiness, he will be just as happy as you are, so respect, appreciate, admire, because life is beautiful if you want it to be.

Success notebook

What if you fall down and nothing works out? A good step is to start a SUCCESS NOTEBOOK, where you write down your current achievements, skills, and everything positive that has happened to you, every positive thing you achieve or realize – you write it in this notebook. When you fall, go back to this notebook, see how valuable you are, see what you can do, see how much you have achieved! It will be very uplifting and motivating when you get discouraged, sometimes people give up just before the finish line when they should keep going.

It’s like starting a company – imagine that every company is like a child. If the child falls, and you’re teaching it to walk, what do you do? Leave it on the ground – let it sit there? No, you try and try – it falls on the ground once, twice, three times, but at some point, it will start walking on its own.

Sometimes we walk against the wind – and it’s better to walk with the wind. If we’re not on the right path, we won’t achieve what we can achieve by going the right way – in such cases, consultations are a good way to see if we’ve chosen the right direction.

All the best in the new year 2021!

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